The Things That You Should Know About Kundalini Reiki

February 9, 2009 · Print This Article

There are a lot of people that consider Kundalini Reiki as a basic but effective way of spiritual healing. The practice of Kundalini Reiki is a simply process that involves structures that are easy to understand and can be practiced by just about everyone.

There are a lot of people that have an interest in spiritual healing and a lot of these people are into Kundalini Reiki mainly due to the fact that it is a lot easier to do and is in fact easier than the traditional form of Reiki. The art of Kundalini styled Reiki is taken from the more traditional form of Reiki and a lot of the techniques are pretty similar however Kundalini Reiki makes the methods a bit simpler to conduct. These simpler healing processes result in faster and more effective treatment.

The Process of Kundalini Reiki

The term Kundalini commonly refers to the opening of the various healing channels and this allows people to be able to gain access to the energy that they need in order to be able to do the healing process effectively.

The flow of energy is often referred to as the Kundalini fire. The energy is said to circulate all the way through the persons body and the energy is also said to enter into the bodys main channel of energy. The energy goes round the body in a sort of cycle motion.

During the process of Kundalini Reiki the energy, which gets released from the person through the energy channels. The energy enters what is known as the root chakra and then it passes through what is known as the crown chakra and this is usually situated on the top of the person head and it will stay there for a certain period of time. Whilst it is there it remains in the crown chakra and Kundalini Reiki will cleanse the charkas and the different parts of the body and the various channels.

A Guide to Kundalini Reiki:

1.The first phase within the process of Kundalini Reiki works by opening up the various channels from which the energy flows. This phases is known as first attunement. The process prepares the person for the phases that is known as the second awakening of Kundalini Reiki. This second awakening is when the person’s chakra that is in the hands are opened up and made stronger at the same point, as this is required in order to enable you to complete the first phase. This first step in the process is often referred to as being the same as Usui’s Reiki and this is used by a lot of people that practice the traditional form of Reiki.

2.The second phase within the process of Kundalini Reiki works by strengthening the various different channels. Once the first awakening of Kundalini Reiki is complete and the different channels are strengthened by the energy life forces. Once the various channels have been strengthened this ensures that the energy is received within a gentle and reassuring manner. This process also enables you to pave the way for igniting the Kundalini energy and this enables the body to reach the minimum chakra.

3.The third phase within the process of Kundalini Reiki works to strengthening the various different channels where the energies are created will reach its maximum level. Once this has been done the Kundalini style of Reiki then performs its tasks, which aim to cleanse the spirituality of the person whilst making it stronger and nurtures it.

In order for the Kundalini Reiki to work to full effectiveness the person that is practicing it also need to include some extra attunements that includes the balance, use of diamond Reiki, DNA Reiki, crystalline Reiki, past life Reiki, birth trauma Reiki and also location Reiki.

Despite Kundalini Reiki being a very simple process of spiritual healing however people should be careful in the way that is uses or practices the healing process. It is very important to have the correct knowledge and information when you are carrying out the healing process.

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