Rules for Reiki

October 14, 2009 · Print This Article

Be mindful of everything going on in your life. Whether you are walking the dog or driving somewhere, become aware of everything that is going on around you. Live in this moment, the present one. Don’t worry about the next. This way, we are following Mikao Usui’s principles of life to not worry and not anger.

To keep up your own practice for other people, you must do Reiki to yourself daily. This keeps the energy flowing and helps keep you unblocked as a practitioner. After all, if your chakras are blocked, there is no way you can help someone else open theirs. You will become a better channel of the Universal Life Force and the Reiki energy.

When giving a treatment, don’t worry about doing it just right. Listen to your intuition and go where you feel you are shown. If you spend a minute on the heart chakra and ten on the throat, that is fine. Likewise, in another person, if you spent only three on the throat. Different people will need different chakras open. When you feel a cold or closed chakra, you know this is where you need to work.

Make sure you have a specific routine for doing the treatment. Follow it every time you give a Reiki treatment. Start at the head and go down through all the chakras. Do both elbow and knee chakra. There is a rule that what you do to one side must be done to the other as well. So ensure you have given attention to left and right and back and front. After you finish, anchor in their affirmation and help them up.

Don’t ever work on someone when you are angry or upset. The Reiki will not flow. Reiki is a Universal Life Force that is only used with good intent. If you have bad feelings when you are trying to give a treatment, it will not work. Always be in a good frame of mind when giving treatments, otherwise it would behoove you to cancel.

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