Arthritis Bracelet Magnetic

January 2, 2015 · Print This Article

As an alternative to medications or other remedies, some people who suffer from arthritis in their hands and wrists may turn to an arthritis bracelet magnetic. The practice of using magnets to treat health problems traces its roots back at least to the ancient Greeks, and many people continue to affirm magnetism’s health benefits, including relief for arthritis. A large industry revolves around magnetic jewelry, selling various designs for different purposes, including magnetic bracelets for arthritis. Despite the controversy surrounding the practice, it has recently received more clinical acceptance in treatment for arthritis and other forms of joint pain.

The theory behind magnetic jewelry is that magnetism can stimulate the human bloodstream, promoting higher circulation. This, in turn, helps distressed areas of the body receive greater oxygen and nutrient flow, contributing to greater health. An arthritis bracelet magnetic, for example, would help create better blood circulation around an arthritic hand or wrist, amplifying the body’s natural healing abilities.

Some studies have taken place that indicates the legitimacy of this theory. The Arthritis Research Campaign conducted a study in which participants suffering from osteoarthritis were given arthritis bracelet magnetic and non-magnetic bracelet units to wear. The results from the study led to the conclusion that arthritis bracelet magnetic units have significant benefits in the treatment of joint pain. A similar study took place under the supervision of British researchers and was published in the British Medical Journal (18 December 2004)

Additionally, many people offer personal testimony in favor of magnetic bracelets. Golfers and baseball players, for example, affirm the benefits of magnetic bracelets. It is illegal in the U.S. to sell magnetic jewelry under the claim that it will treat “significant” diseases, such as cancer or HIV, but despite this FDA regulation magnetic bracelets continue to be a popular alternative form of health treatment. Among the online distributors are,, Sabona, and others.

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