Exploring Angel Meditation

September 18, 2008 · Print This Article

Angel meditation is a means to contact the angels that look over you. As one of the guides that protect and surround you, angels can be very useful in assisting you with daily activities, feeling better, healing and guidance. Angels, however, do not actively interfere in your lives in any capacity unless they are asked to do so. The act of meditating to contact these angels allows you to request particular intervention from your spirit guides and allows them access to assist you with your needs. The angels in your life know everything there is to know about you, they understand your weaknesses and fears as well as your strengths and desires. This makes them particularly qualified to help you navigate through difficult issues in your life.

There are several ways angel meditation can help you. If you are feeling a particular negative emotion such as anger, stress or greed, your angel guides can help you overcome these feelings and calm you so you can react to situations in a more positive light. This will help you more rationally make decisions instead of allowing your emotional responses to drive you. Some angels are more versed in specific issues and can be called upon in particular situations. For example, if you have a business problem you can call on an angel who can assist you specifically with that. If you are feeling depressed, soar with the angels by visualizing you are flying with them. This can be an incredibly uplifting experience and one that will lift your spirits.

If you are familiar with meditation, you will see the similarities between angel meditation and any other form of meditation. You are focusing your energies and calming yourself so you are open to soaking up the healing powers. However, in angel meditation you are specifically calling to a particular entity to help you with the process. In order to this, you will need to start off in a calm room that has a relaxing ambiance. Take the phone off the hook and make sure you do not have any outside distractions. You need to concentrate on the process.

Start off with some deep breathing exercises to clear your mind and relax. Close your eyes and visualize yourself in a calm, peaceful setting outdoors. Take in the beauty of the place and concentrate on the surroundings, particularly the clouds and sky. Let your mind open to see the images of the angels around you, the wispy beings of light that you can feel though not clearly define visually. Call to them and ask them for their help. Express to them your issue and request they assist you with solving your problem.

Continue to breathe deeply and remain open to your guides. Once your angels have contacted you, sit quietly and listen to what they have to say. You may hear a clear conversation, you may get particular ideas or you may simply get a feeling of overall well being and healing. Absorb this and let it wash over you. When you are done and the angels are finished guiding you, thank them politely and kindly.

Begin the process of coming back to consciousness, slowly retracing your steps until you are no longer outside but in the room where you started. Concentrate on your breathing for awhile as you slowly open your eyes. You will have a sense of peace and strength. When you are ready, get up and go about your day. You will continue to feel the presence of your angel guides as you embark on your daily routine and you will have access to the information they gave you to help with any issue you may have. This will give you a sense of strength and happiness that will benefit you during the course of your day and will help guide you into making positive decisions.

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