Create A Natural Remedy Using Honey

February 17, 2009 · Print This Article

The healing properties of honey are numerous. It is the mystery behind many natural remedies. Having many medicinal applications for common conditions. From burns to fending off viral colds or flue. Honey is an antibiotic. But also has excellent anti viral and anti fungal qualities. Why not try some of them out? Here’s simple recipes, tips and tricks, to get you started!

Which Honey?

Like a lot a things. You get out what you put in. Raw and organic honey is definitely the best option. It will taste better than most mass produced brands. Plus, has much more nutrients.
Three Honey Cold Remedy Recipes
1) This is great for fighting a cold, and also for calming the stomach. Warm through a cup of raw honey. Until it becomes liquefied. Mince and peel equivalent to 2tbs of ginger. Chop a quarter cup of lemon balm. Add both to the honey and keep it simmering for twenty minutes. Pour into a glass container and tightly seal the cap.
2) Feeling blocked up? Congested? For every cup of raw honey. Blend in a quarter cup of fresh lavender or mint. Hyssop and Thyme. Even Rosemary, sage and Rosehip will do the trick. You can use dried herbs too. Just reduce the amount to one eighth cup.
3) The Ultimate cold or flu remedy. A good idea to keep it at hand over the winter months. A simple garlic and honey remedy. So simple to make. Just fill a container with cloves of garlic. Pour over the raw honey. It will need to be left to infuse. At least a few days, before use.
Honey Remedies and Storage
A cool dry cabinet is Okay. The refrigerator is better. Make sure you make a note of the date it was made. So you can keep track of things.

How Much To Take
If you are feeling under the weather, just one teaspoon. Three or four times a day. If it’s a case of the flu. Some people like to use their honey mixtures with apple cider vinegar. Or water. To make infusions. The brave will also add a spot of cayenne pepper. Renowned for it’s great healing advantages. Remember! Honey must not be given to young children, under one years of age. They love it. But the risk of botulism is high.

Natures Helping Hand
Is there a more natural way? Than using herbal remedies. To fight our ailments and discomforts. Another important thing to understand? Honey is loaded with sugar. Natural or no. So no doubling up quantities! The most fundamental important thing, to using these natural honey remedies, is this. Get the honey from a local source. It will give the best results and you’ll be on your way to Wellville. In no time at all!

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