The Use Of Acupuncture After Knee Surgery

July 20, 2008 · Print This Article

Acupuncture is a Chinese medical theory dating back to the 1st millennium. It is widely used in all the Asian countries today as a traditional medical practice for many ailments. Acupuncture is being widely used today in the Western world as a non-traditional form of medicine. The World Health Organization endorses acupuncture as long as it is performed by a qualified practitioner. Acupuncture works by normalizing the free flow of vital energy throughout the entire body.

The philosophy is that there are eight meridians of energy which flow through the body and when these meridians are blocked, pain or illness occurs. Illnesses and especially pain are treated by attempting to remedy the local deficiencies of this energy. The feeling of pain indicates a blockage or slower flow of the vital energy; therefore, no pain, no blockage. Acupuncture is used to treat a multitude of ailments in the Western world and is has been proven by several endorsed studies that acupuncture after knee surgery is quite effective.

Painless Remedy

A study conducted with 18 patients having 20 treatments using the traditional Chinese Medicine Technique after arthroscopic knee surgery showed significant improvement at the end of the study. The study concluded that for patient comfort, acupuncture after knee surgery was by far the best remedy for pain. Not only was the remedy itself painless, but there were no side effects resulting with the use acupuncture after knee surgery.

Acupuncture after knee surgery is performed with disposable stainless steel needles of a fine diameter. The diameter of these needles is usually .007 to .020, and .18 mm to .51 mm. They are sterilized with an autoclave or ethylene oxide. The needles used in acupuncture after knee surgeries are much finer in diameter than the traditional needles that are used to administer shots. The acupuncture needles are thicker at the top and are wound with a copper wire or covered in plastic in order to give the practitioner a more stable grasp for insertion into the skin.

The only type of sensation the patient feels is a stimulus known as the Chinese “deqi”, or the arrival of the vital energy. When the patient feels this energy then the practitioner knows that he has effectively located the desired point. The feeling that the patient has experiences when using acupuncture after knee surgery, are feelings of pleasure or relaxation when the needle is inserted. There is no feeling of a prick or sting, as when receiving a shot. The experienced practitioner is very skilled in inserting his acupuncture needles.

The practitioner is trying to relieve the pain using acupuncture after knee surgery; therefore, he is not going to inflict pain to achieve that relief. Not only is acupuncture used after knee surgery, but it is also used frequently when treating ailing knees in general. Acupuncture for the treatment of knees has become very widespread with athletes and the general public. Many trainers and physical therapists will send their patients to acupuncturists in order to relieve their particular symptoms.

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