Aromatherapy Diffusers

December 11, 2008

There are many available products associated with aromatherapy and all are readily available either through retail outlets or through the internet. Most people know something about this complimentary therapy or have heard a little about aromatherapy products such as essential oils, oil burners, aromatherapy incense sticks or candles etc but one product, the aromatherapy diffuser is not as widely known yet can have great beneficial affects.

What are aromatherapy diffusers?

Diffusers are apparatus which scatters the aroma from the oil so that it disperses widely over an area. Diffusers come in different shapes and styles however; one affordable diffuser would be the light bulb ring diffuser. This is simply shaped so that it fits against the light bulb. A couple of drops of the carefully selected essential oil are added to the diffuser and once the light is turned on and the bulb increases in heat, the oil begins to warm up and this gradually disperses the aroma.

There are also fan aromatherapy diffusers which can be battery powered or through mains electricity. Some are considered easily portable and are space saving and some although could be moved, potentially would be left in it’s desired location.

There are also diffusers which can be used in the car and these would operate in the same way in that they disperse the selected oil so that its aroma fills the car. These are plugged into the vehicle cigarette lighter.

There are also certain types of necklaces which have been designed to work as a diffuser. Quite simply, a couple of drops of oil is added to the necklace or they have a small vial inside and this also allows for a steady stream of aroma to be detected.

When would you use aromatherapy diffusers?

Diffusers can be used to create specific moods either at home or in the work place. They are useful in that if the oils are carefully chosen for the relevant property, will have a beneficial affect on those breathing in the scent.

What are the benefits of using aromatherapy diffusers?

The benefits of using a diffuser are that they circulate the oil quite steadily as they heat up due to the fan action. As some diffusers are portable, this means they can easily be transported to wherever is required.

Depending on the oil which has been selected, the oil can be used to stimulate or calm nerves, and this could be extremely beneficial in a busy office environment where the pace is so hectic. It may be an idea to use a diffuser prior to a meeting or during the meeting if clear minds are required.

At home, a relaxing oil could be used in the aromatherapy diffuser, lavender for example, as it has tranquil and calming properties which help to diffuse tensions, stress and can also help to soothe headaches. Prior to turning into bed, a diffuser could be set to emit waves of lavender scent and this would be conducive to a good nights sleep.

Because there are so many products available which are associated with aromatherapy, it makes sense to gradually try different products until you find one which works best for you.

Aromatherapy Oils

November 30, 2008

There are simply hundreds of aromatherapy oils available in shops and through mail order, and many of those oils would help to generate positive emotional well-being and bring balance and peace into your life.

There is no need to go to a qualified aromatherapist to begin learning about creating recipes and lotions in your own home, although if you want to have the benefits of a professional massage and treatment, the experience will be both uplifting and positive. A little research will be sufficient initially and providing you treat your chosen oils with respect and read up on any contra-indications relating to specific oils, then using aromatherapy oils is a positive step which will lead to feeling contented, relaxed and enjoying the whole creative process.

First of all, think about the type of recipes you would like to create i.e. skin care? Facemasks? Hand crème? Massage oils? Read up on the volume of recipes that you can find in any good aromatherapy books or, by reading articles on the Internet. A word of caution however, until you have learned more about the properties of individual oils, it may be sensible to limit creating your own versions and use existing recipes.

Aromatherapy oils-massage

Warming Massage oil

8 Tablespoons Jojoba oil or sweet almond oil
20 drops of sandalwood essential oils
10 drops of frankincense essential oils
10 drops of ginger essential oils

This is very quick and easy to make, simply mix the oils together and place in a dark glass jar and keep until ready to use.

Aromatherapy oils -Soap

Uplift your Mood soap

4 fl oz liquid non-scented soap
20 drops of lavender essential oil
10 drops of bergamot essential oil
10 drops of geranium essential oil

Mix the oils and soap together, stirring thoroughly. Store in a plastic soap dispenser and use when ready. Shake before use.

Aromatherapy oils-Bath

Meditation bath

1 tablespoon milk
4 drops of sandlewood essential oil
2 drops of rose essential oils
2 drops of frankincense essential oils

Add the oils to the water and then stir into the water to distribute the liquid.

Aromatherapy oils should never be used directly onto the skin-except for tea tree oil and lavender oil, always dilute them in a good carrier oil such as sweet almond, grape oil or jojoba oil. Once mixed they will last for up to three years providing they are kept in a dark glass jar away from artificial or natural sunlight.

Citris essential oils will not last as long as the others so if you are using any, it may be worth while ensuring you use your mixed oil sooner rather than later.

There are no need to purchase expensive face creams or bath lotions, it is possible to make wonderful natural products with a wide range of health benefits using aromatherapy oils.

Aromatherapy Herbs for Health

November 24, 2008

The complex world of aromatherapy herbs can seem daunting to the complete beginner but once the basics have been learned, the beginner can gradually absorb more and more information as they practice using the herbs for themselves.

Quite simply, aromatherapy is a complimentary form of medicine which can be used to help treat disease or to help prevent it. It is a wonderful aid for diseases and conditions such as colds and flu, arthritis, tension headaches and migraines and is excellent for respiratory problems. It also encourages a feeling of well-being and emotional peace as it has a soothing effect on the mind, body and spirit.

Natural oils are depicted as being able to stimulate the brain in a positive way. It can help improve mood, increase clarity and relieve stress. There are also oils which benefit being mixed to form lotions and crèmes, for massage or for being used in the bath.

There are some very comprehensive books available on the use of aromatherapy herbs and it is recommended that beginners to this therapy read up as much as they can so they can have at least a basic understanding when looking to purchase essential oils.

Aromatherapy is an addictive therapy. Once the benefits have been felt, it is understandable that most people wish to learn more and eventually some even go on to qualifying as a therapist themselves or take a more creative route and begin to make their own aromatherapy herb skin care products or bath oils.

There are so many aromatherapy herbs to learn about but these include:

• Bergamot
• Cedarwood
• Clary Sage
• Frankincense
• Geranium
• Ginger
• Juniper berry
• Lavender
• Lemon grass
• Neroli
• Peppermint
• Pine
• Rosemary
• Sage
• Thyme

There are many more of course, but all of these herbs have contra-indications when it comes to their essential oils. As with any products, there are safety factors, which need to be adhered to, for example:

• They should not be taken internally
• They should not be used directly onto skin but must always be diluted in a good carrier oil such as sweet almond oil.
• For a longer shelf life, they must be stored in a dark glass bottle and kept out of direct light-artificial or natural
• Care should be taken when given to children or those women who are pregnant

Aromatherapy herbs have been used for centuries and its success and popularity looks set to increase yet further. Used frequently, it can instill a wondrous feeling of peace and tranquility into daily living and it can help to combat our reactions to extreme stressful situations, which is a must in today’s hectic and modern society.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

November 13, 2008

Allow the Aromatherapy Diffuser to Diffuse your Mood

The fact that certain scents can relax us, or lift our mood substantially may not be news to many, but even whilst many of us realise this fact, still few of us use aromatherapy to its full affect and sadly we miss out on some of the great benefits which we could use to help us live our life in a natural and balanced way. Aromatherapy after all is a natural, holistic complimentary therapy, it can aid us by helping us to connect with our inner spiritual self, connecting with our creativity, by healing us physically and emotionally, and by its powerful aroma affecting our moods.

Aromatherapy can also be used in every aspect of our lives whether at home or at work, to relax us, keep us calm, or it can be used to help us to feel a little more prepared before going into difficult work meetings providing us with a feeling of positively during crucial times and it can equally help us to create a more romantic setting when at home if so desired.

There are so many products available for us to use such as:

• Aromatherapy candles
• Aromatherapy essential oils
• Oil burners
• Aromatherapy necklaces
• Aromatherapy diffusers

Diffusers are probably lesser-known elements of aromatherapy but are very simple to use and can easily be incorporated into the home environment without any fuss. Light bulb ring diffusers are inexpensive and readily available from retail outlets or through mail order. They are fitted to the light bulb after a few drops of oil have been placed into the special inner channel. When the light bulb is switched on, the warmth from the bulb gently heats the oil and the fragrance is gently distributed around the room.

There are other diffusers too, which can be useful such as the battery operated fan diffuser. This is portable and quite small so is non-obtrusive. The fan inside distributes the oil in waves around the room. There are also electric fans, which can be used giving a greater choice of selection to the general consumer.

The choice of oil used is largely dependant on mood so think carefully before purchasing, the best way of course is to be able to test them to see whether the scent appeals to you, especially if your primary aim is not to use them for healing but as a mood enhancer.

To heighten the benefits still further when at home, it can be useful to play some therapeutic aromatherapy music. This has been specifically created to enhance the sensations experienced by the oils filtering through the air in your environment.

By incorporating aromatherapy into your life as much as possible, it can help to create a better life balance whilst staying in touch with nature.

Aromatherapy Oil Supplies

October 18, 2008

Aromatherapy has been used in a holistic way for centuries and now this ancient natural complimentary therapy is gaining even more popularity as we all become aware of the benefits available if we incorporate it into our daily lives.

The oils are obtained from flowers, trees, leaves, roots and stems by way of steam distillation. When purchasing aromatherapy oil supplies it is important to ensure that the oils are pure as there are less expensive versions, which are not as conducive to good health.

Most people will have heard of an aromatherapy massage and may have even enjoyed the experience; apart from the benefits of general relaxation, the oils are absorbed through the skin and then into the blood stream improving the circulation of the blood. Essential oils can also be used in a number of different ways too, such as in crèmes and lotions, in diffusers and oil burners. They can be used at home or in the office and provide an instant pick-me up if the correct oils are used.

There is an abundance of information relating to this therapy through books, DVD’s, magazines and numerous articles on the Internet, so it may seem like information overload to the complete beginner. But in reality, very little basic knowledge is required initially when just starting to learn how to use aromatherapy. In the first instance, it is worth checking just what aromatherapy oil supplies are required, obviously essential oils will be needed but which ones are dependent on the task you require them for. If it is for massage purposes and for healing, then it is worth reading up on the individual properties for each oil, in addition to the oils, you will need a good base oil such as sweet almond or grape oil as most oils are not to be used directly on the skin. If you wish to use the oils in a burner or diffuser, then choose the oils by scent and not necessarily for their healing properties.

Aromatherapy oil supplies can be obtained from many reputable sources; it is worth shopping around so that you get the best deal for you. There are also good starter packs, which will give you all the basics to get going. Travel packs and wooden storage boxes are useful too as oils need to be kept out of direct light be it artificial or natural daylight.

Keep all of your aromatherapy oil supplies in a safe place and they will last for a long time. Remember though that just because they are natural products, this does not mean they are automatically safe to use on everyone. The oils should not be taken internally, used on young children or babies without knowing a great deal about applying and mixing oils for young skin and other supplies such as candles and oil burners should be kept out of reach from little fingers.

Aromatherapy and it’s many uses can be an addictive practice, so it is worth while investing in the best aromatherapy oil supplies as possible and gaining a healthy respect of this therapy right from the start.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Everyday Use

September 4, 2008

In today’s busy and hectic pace of life, aromatherapy is becoming a popular complimentary therapy which can be used at work, home or by going to a professional therapist and can help to combat the stresses and strains that are encountered by everyone on a daily basis.

Whilst aromatherapy is a comprehensive subject which does take a while to learn about, it is relatively easy to collate an aromatherapy essential oils home care kit. Once the basic do’s and don’ts have been understood, it is useful to have some key essential oils on standby.

Start by choosing the oils which you are naturally drawn to either by trying the scent or by reading up and learning about their properties, this is dependant on whether the oils are for specific conditions or perhaps household accidents such as minor abrasions or burns for example.

Only select the pure essential oils as there are those which could do more harm than good when applied, so be sure to double check first. The shelf life of the pure oils can be 2-3 years providing they are stored in dark glass bottles and kept away from artificial and natural light. Be aware that citrus oils have a lesser shelf life than others. If you are seriously looking at building up a comprehensive home care kit, then invest in a box to store them in.

Learning about aromatherapy essential oils can be a seriously addictive practice, especially as with just a little knowledge, you realize how beneficial they can be. Just remember to avoid putting oils directly onto the skin, always mix with a good carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or grape seed oil and as aromatherapy essential oils are so concentrated, just a few drops are needed when mixed with the carrier oil.
Lavender and tea-tree oil are the only exclusions to this rule.

Lavender oil is an essential oil to have in your homecare kit. It is an anti-depressant, useful for tension, headaches, for insomnia, indigestion and is both soothing and pain-relieving.

Sweet Marjoram is a sedative, aids digestion and useful in times of anxiety, headaches, colds and muscular pain

Tea Tree oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, useful in respiratory infections, can be used for insect bites, spots or cuts.

Peppermint oil can be used as an insect repellent, antiseptic, decongestant, breath freshener, to ease asthma symptoms, digestive problems and for headaches

Rosemary oil is an anti-depressant, useful in digestion problems, fatigue, flu, oily skin, burns and for poor circulation

Neroli oil can be used for headaches, depression and flatulence, also for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, panic-attacks and stress.

Aromatherapy essential oils can benefit the whole family and once everyone becomes aware of their vast properties, will be used more and more as time goes by. Just remember that whilst they promote natural good health and well-being, they should be treated with respect.

Aromatherapy Candles for Relaxation

August 17, 2008

Candles, once only used for generating a source of light, have been used to create a certain ambiance for years –be it for romantic or for relaxation purposes, and have become increasingly popular in latter years. Aromatherapy candles have been specifically scented with essential oils and they naturally bring a sense of harmony into any environment. Candles can set a mood so perfectly, whether warm and welcoming is the desired effect or whether for tranquility and they are so easy to obtain. Aromatherapy candles can be ordered through the internet, but many candles can be found in retail outlets across the country.

Traditionally, candle designs were plain and simple and unscented. Nowadays candles come in a variety of designs and scents and these can be used to create any mood required.

Lavender aromatherapy candles can be quite soothing especially if burned in the evening as a prelude to a good nights sleep, if the candle is meant as a gift, be careful as the scent is not always popular with everyone however, so as much as it may lift someone’s mood or be conducive to relaxation and help to instill a sense of peace and tranquility, it can cause agitation in some, especially the elderly who may suffer with a form of dementia.

For family groups or large groups where there might be some animosity, it can be useful to burn a lavender aromatherapy candle, as it can help to prevent negative tensions from building.

Mixed aromatherapy candles may not always be a good idea, as the aromas may conflict with each other and the expected mood may not occur. Candles should not be left unattended either for safety purposes, accidents do happen. Typically the candle should be burned for one hour for every inch of its diameter so that it burns evenly.

Be careful of where you position the candle also, otherwise the carefully created tranquil atmosphere will disappear dramatically if the candle is knocked over or left in a draft and a fire starts.

To add to the relaxed ambiance, those who feel particularly creative can go one step further and create their own candles. Added to the feeling of relaxation is one of satisfaction at seeing your own creation. There are many kits for those who have little knowledge and also different moulds available in the market place for those who are feeling a little more inspired and who would like to create their candles in a variety of shapes or sizes. Once the candle has been created, adding the scent of your choice makes the whole process much more personal and is a good finishing touch.

Choose a pure essential oil and add to the candle at the final stage. The effects will be one of pure satisfaction as you sit and watch the flickering flame devour your own creation and breathe in the heady aroma of your own aromatherapy candle.

Aromatherapy Massage for Relaxation

July 6, 2008

Aromatherapy has been used holistically for centuries at home and by those who have experience with essential oils and in modern times, the benefits of this gentle complimentary treatment has increased in popularity immensely. Stress and stress related conditions cause a variety of negative effects on people and aromatherapy can help balance out these negative aspects simply and effectively.

Aromatherapy massage is probably one of the most well-known treatments and this works exceptionally well in lowering the heart rate, blood pressure and of course, relaxing muscles. In addition, aromatherapy massage also improves the following:

• Nourishes the skin when the oil is massage in.
• Can soften fatty deposits
• Relieves headaches which are caused by tension
• Helps reduce stress-related symptoms
• Promotes a feel-good factor
• Helps to remove toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system.

aromatherpapy-oils An aromatherapy massage is so much more beneficial than a traditional massage as the aroma from the essential oils stimulate the olfactory nerves, sending signals to the brain which in turn transmit messages to the rest of the body.

Finding a good therapist is essential as this adds to the whole ambiance. The client must be able to feel at ease with the therapist and as the client will be partially clad, need to feel relaxed and open to the therapist massaging large expanses of skin.

Aromatherapy massage is a very safe treatment; however there are some contra-indications to oils that may be used in a treatment. In pregnancy for example, there are some oils, which should not be used at all. It is important that the person having the massage tells the masseuse if they have any medical or health conditions. Usually a full consultation is carried out so as to prevent any adverse reactions being suffered.

Some main conditions to report are:

• Thrombosis
• Epilepsy
• Pregnancy
• Contagious skin conditions
• Sensitive skin.

If you are planning to have an aromatherapy massage, it is worth arranging it to be after usual work hours i.e. not at a lunchtime when you have to go back to work. The massage will make you feel very relaxed and not feel like working, many of its benefits will be lost by having to force yourself to work.

It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids -water or herbal teas preferably as this will help with the removal of toxins. Avoiding heavy meals afterwards are also advised as blood would be diverted to the stomach to help process the food eaten instead of the healing process beginning.

Having an aromatherapy massage regularly will help to combat the stresses of daily life and help you to achieve a relaxed and balanced lifestyle.

Aromatherapy Treatment for Children

June 29, 2008

If you are an advocate of the benefits of using aromatherapy regularly, then you may be considering promoting this natural holistic therapy to your children as they become enthusiastic and absorb information like a sponge when young and by incorporating it into their life at an early age, it would soon became a natural and accepted process for them and this may well continue throughout their lives.

Essential oils are distilled from flowers, wood, roots, leaves etc and are renowned for their various healing qualities worldwide but some are not suitable for use as an aromatherapy treatment on children. It is always best to research the compatibility of some oils with prescribed medication or conditions for example, and a qualified practitioner will be able to recommend a suitable oil for use at home and could give you some tips on mixing oils or those which could be used for healing purposes. Alternatively, there are some very good comprehensive books in the marketplace which will guide you when making your choice of oil.

An aromatherapy treatment has so many benefits and can instil a sense of happiness, love and well-being into your child and this would be therapeutic for both of you. It also gives you time together, to learn, to absorb and to bond. Quality time can often be difficult to find, so this is a wonderful way of capturing those moments. Ensure that the oil used is pure essential oil and not synthetic oil which would not be appropriate for use with children and could even be harmful.

Massage on children has huge beneficial affects and can be nurturing and loving and as well as being wonderful for health and happiness, can help to cement those naturally strong bonds. Be careful not to massage too hard or deeply into the muscles, the touch should be gentle and light and worked in the direction of the natural blood flow, firmer strokes upwards. For example: from wrist to shoulder.

Aromatherapy treatment for massage:

For sleep- 2 drops of Roman Chamomile and 4 drops of lavender mixed in base oil such as Almond. This can then be massaged gently into the skin and will induce good slumber.

Aromatherapy treatment for inhalation:

For sleep- 2 drops of lavender under the pillow will aid restful sleep

For alertness- Use 2 -4 drops lemon or bergamot and add to an oil burner. The oil added to water is gently heated by the candle below

Aromatherapy treatment for minor cuts and abrasions

Minor treatments-an equal mix of one part lavender and one part tea tree oil can be used on an abrasion. The lavender is soothing but it also has healing properties and the tea tree oil is an antiseptic. Apply to a bandage as opposed to directly to the skin as this would be too irritating.

The Spiritual Aromatherapy Benefit

June 27, 2008

Because we are affected by aromas around us, it makes perfect sense that aromatherapy oils can influence our thoughts, emotions and our spiritual connections. When undertaking a meditation practice for example, choosing the correct oils can help us to transcend our every day lives and connect with our spiritual self.

This can be termed as a spiritual aromatherapy benefit.

Essential oils have a vibrational note and it is this that we need to consider when choosing the right essential oil for our spiritual journey. It is the pure energy of the oil which can help us to connect with nature, our inner being and become balanced with the universe.

Essential oils can be used for a whole mind, body and spirit approach and as such it’s a true aromatherapy benefit which can help to eradicate stress, begin a healing process and to help us find our own natural balance in life. Essential oils can bring peace, a sense of enlightenment and helps to purify mind and body quickly and naturally and heightens the sensation of connection with our higher selves.

Select only pure essential oils, these may be a little more expensive but they are worth it as they are not diluted. There are many good books advocating aromatherapy benefit of individual oils and these look at all aspects of harmonious living including health, relaxation and meditation. Read up on the benefits of individual oils and choose the ones that you feel work for you.

This is trial and error of course and the best way is to check out the aromas is before you purchase so visiting a natural health store is advisable. You will naturally connect with some oils and reject others. Choose them intuitively as when you are looking at your spiritual development, it is not as important as to the chemical aspects of the oils as they are not being used in a physical manner.

Oils can be used in a variety of ways, such as an oil burner, in massage, drops on a pillow to aid relaxation and sleep, in a steam inhalant, used in massage, or a few drops in a bath can have a wonderful calming effect.

Essential oils should be used treated with respect and yet used instinctively, to heighten mood, create a sense of inner calm or for when healing. There ar so many benefits to using aromatherapy in your everyday life but here are three which have been chosen specifically to aid your spiritual path


Aromatherapy Benefit: For uplifting moods, for psychological effects and to boost the spirit during challenging times.


Aromatherapy Benefit: Helps to chase the shadows of unhappiness away. Brings light and laughter


Aromatherapy Benefit: Ideal for use in meditation, it has a warm and sweet aroma which helps establish a spiritual connection and provides ethereal support.

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