March 1, 2015

Iridology is a form of alternative medicine that seeks to screen for potential medical problems. Although it is not considered an effective form of diagnosis, it can provide very valuable information. In the same manner that a blood sugar screening might indicate a potential for diabetes to be present, this science scans for problems with the entire body through the study of the eye. Finding the best iridology Las Vegas has to offer can be a tricky proposition, but there are hallmarks to look for in a good practice.

Some of the things to look for to indicate a good iridology Las Vegas practitioner has been found include:

Training – Check to see if the practitioner has received proper training and credentialing. There are a variety of places that offer highly specialized training in this field. Most offer certificates of completion of study, diplomas and so on. Check into the background of the school, too, if there is any question.

Membership – The best iridology Las Vegas has to offer frequently comes from practitioners that work hard to stay abreast of developments in the field. Membership in the American College of Iridology or the International College of Iridology can be very good indicators of a skilled practitioner.

Equipment – While the most recent iridology machines are not required for sound practice, a decent office set up is. In most cases, the best iridology Las Vegas practitioners will have a specialized camera, a computer screening program and experience to back up the reading of findings. In most cases, a skilled iridologist’s office will very much look like an eye doctor’s. The difference will lie in the use of iridology charts and the fact that the eye equipment is actually a high resolution camera designed to take pictures of the iris.

Experience and references – It doesn’t hurt to check into the background of an individual practitioner. See what previous patients have said about their work and even check to see if the practitioner can provide references. Also, make sure experience level is satisfactory to provide for a skilled reading.

Iridology is a well thought of screening procedure that can help practitioners of alternative medicine spot problems within the body before they even present with symptoms. When this procedure is properly performed, it is painless and quite thorough. Practitioners read pictures of the eyes for signs that problems exist or are developing within different regions of the body. From the procedure, practitioners can help patients decide if more advanced diagnostics are called for or even preventative measures.

Iridology Schools

August 28, 2009

Where To Find Iridology Schools

Iridology schools are a little easier to find than followers of alternative medicine might realize. As this screening procedure is often seen as a vital link in this field of medicine, educational programs do abound for its study.

Iridology schools focus on the study of this unusual screening science. Iridology centers on the premise that the eyes are a window into the functioning of a person’s body. Iridologists read the eyes, specifically the irises, for signs of illness and disease. They do this through the use of specialized equipment that enables them to obtain very detailed images of a patient’s eyes.

Once iridologists have images of patients eyes, the real work begins. They then study these images to locate the presence of lesions. It is believed that the eyes will show signs of illness even long before symptoms appear in a person. The signs involve very specific lesions and anomalies that are found in the irises of the eyes.

Lesions can present in a number of different ways. Iridologists believe that specific shaped and colored lesions indicate the possibility of certain problems within the body. The location of a lesion on the iris itself can tell an iridologist what organ might be impacted. Iridologists believe that certain portions of the eyes related directly to certain organs. For example, the upper right portion of the right iris is related to the thyroid. A portion of the left side of the iris correlates to the lungs and so on.

To learn how to properly conduct iridology screenings, students must locate reputable iridology schools. There are several places to look for iridology schools that are recognized in the field and provide the proper credentials to practice. The best places to look for good schools include:

• The Internet. A host of iridology schools provide online courses to students all over the world. Check the credentials and affiliations involved in any distance learning courses.
• Holistic, Iridology or Alternative Medicine institutions. There are schools and colleges dedicated to nothing but the teaching of alternative practices of medicine. Many of these programs offer certification in iridology. Again, it is wise to check the affiliations and credentials attached to schools. The best will be affiliated with state, national or international organizations that provide standards for learning and practice.
• Membership organizations. Organizations like the International College of Iridology often offer advanced learning programs for practitioners in the field.

Iridology schools should provide the basics in education in this field. Diving into this practice without the proper background is unethical and simply not doable. There is more to this screening science than simply looking at an eye and reading a chart.

Finding The Best Online Iridology Courses Canada Provides

July 19, 2009

There is more to iridology than simply looking at the eye and finding unusual markings that might indicate the presence of disease. With this in mind, training is required for iridologists to earn their proper credentials. For those who wish to telecommute to class, it is possible to find the best online iridology courses Canada has to offer.

Remember, when looking for iridology classes that this pursuit is a little more complex than other areas of study. Practitioners must be able to properly handle the equipment of the science. They must also posses the skills and knowledge to properly read pictures of the iris and study them for potential signs of illness.

To find the most reputable online iridology classes Canada provides, potential students do need to do their homework. This tried and tested natural science is one that should be pursued with a high level of seriousness. To find the proper training, it requires looking for certain credentials.

To start looking for good online iridology classes Canada might have to offer, the best place to begin is either with a basic Internet search or through the Iridologists’ Association of Canada. The latter is the most likely to provide information about schools this overseeing organization sanctions.

Once schools have been located that offer telecommuting courses, there are certain traits to look for. These include:

• Student certification. The most reputable online iridology courses Canada has to offer result in the earning of proper credentials. These credentials might include a practitioner diploma, a certified clinical iridologist designation and so on.
• Association affiliation. The Iridologists’ Association of Canada is an organization that oversees this practice within the country. Members of the organization are privy to specialized training programs, workshops, professional seminars and more. The organization does sanction schools and training programs it approves of.
• Hands-on assistance potential. While many people can handle learning through online iridology courses Canada has to offer, some require more hands-on assistance. This is especially so when the specialized equipment used for picture taking is introduced. It can also be required to help some students learn to properly read lesions in the eye for signs of disease. The best online schools provide a mechanism for gaining more structured assistance when it is required.

Students looking for online iridology courses Canada might have to offer should not be disappointed with the results. It is important to find schools that are reputable and recognized by the right organizations. Membership access into the IAoC can be seen as vital to truly launching a career in this diagnostic screening field.

What Can I Treat With Iridology?

May 19, 2009

There is a very simple answer for the above question: nothing. Iridology, which is a branch of alternative therapy that focuses on the eyes as a way of determining a patient’s health, is used for assessment only. It is a common misconception that Iridology is actually a practice used for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Probably one of the biggest reasons that Iridology is often misunderstood is because most of the other forms of alternative medicine and therapy are actually treatments: acupuncture, herbal therapy, and homeopathy are a few of these treatment options. But Iridology is simply the study of the patient’s eyes to estimate current illnesses and to attempt to foresee any future illnesses. Once a patient has seen an Iridologist, he or she should seek more conclusive diagnosis from another medical professional, and then an appropriate treatment suggested by that same practitioner.

Iridology Essentials LLC – What To Look For In A Practice

December 19, 2008

Iridology is an alternative medicine screening practice that many rely on to help them find potential problems before they become serious. An advanced warning system, similar to other health screenings, this pursuit should be handled by trained and skilled professionals. Finding a good practice, however, isn’t always easy. This is where it can pay to research the factors that determine a good iridology essentials llc before diving into an appointment.

Iridology is a serious study that does require proper training and experience to perform. It can take a great deal of time and practice to become adept at using the equipment and screening procedures involved in this field. Finding the best practitioner should be a top priority.

The best iridology essentials llc practices around the world share a few common traits. Seeking out these traits can help potential patients uncover a practice that is in the hands of reputable and skilled practitioners. The trademarks of a solid iridology essentials llc include:

• Training. This is a vital aspect in determining if an iridology essentials llc is properly equipped to perform a screening. It takes serious study to properly learn the ins and outs of iridology. In fact, there are established training schools and even an international college designed to oversee study in the field and the establishment of standards of practice.

• Credentials. Reputable iridologists will belong to one of a number of membership-based organizations for certified professionals. This might include the International College of Iridology or a similar organization that is based within an individual country. Membership doesn’t 100 percent guarantee a quality practice, but it is a strong indicator.

• References. Quality practices will have a number of references from past patients. Word-of-mouth advertising is an excellent sign of a practice that performs at or above standards.

• Equipment. A solid iridology essentials llc will operate with more than just the basic equipment. While it’s possible to perform a screening with very basic equipment, the best practitioners rely on state-of-the-art cameras and computer programs to help them ensure they haven’t missed anything. Fiber optic cameras and computerized scanning interfaces are now common in this field.

• Continuing education. The best professionals in the iridology field go above and beyond to stay abreast of breakthroughs in study and research. Look for practitioners that make time for extra study.

Finding a solid iridology practice is not always easy. Although this alternative screening procedure is practiced throughout the world, not all practitioners are as highly trained as they should be. Look for professionals that subscribe to high standards and ethics and chances are a very good iridology essentials llc will have been found.

How An Iridology Camera Is Used

November 15, 2008

An iridology camera is a curious looking device that is used by practitioners of this form of alternative medicine. Very similar in appearance to an optometrist’s camera, this specialized machine is designed to give practitioners a way to obtain very high resolution images of a patient’s eye – more specifically the iris.

Iridology camera set ups are used in the practice of this pre-diagnostic medicine. They are considered critical links in this form of study for a number of reasons. When an iridology camera is used, the resulting images are then studied very closely for anomalies found within the iris of the eye itself. This is done in one of two ways:

• Visually. An iridologist can look at the images produced from the camera to locate potential anomalies in the iris. These might include such things as lines, arcs, rings or specks.
• Computer-based. When a computer interface is used with an iridology camera, the resulting images are scanned by specialized programs. These programs than highlight potential anomalies for further study by the iridologist.

What Happens Next:

After anomalies are located within the iris, if there are any, further study is indicated. The different specs, spots and lines are reviewed for coloration and location. Iridologists believe that different portions of the iris correspond to different parts of the body. A black speck in the part of the iris that corresponds to the liver, for example, could indicate scarred, damaged or dying tissue. To move this process along, practitioners match up anomalies with the different portions of the body they correspond to.

The camera is considered a critical link because it enables more in-depth study than a visual exam would allow for. Some anomalies can be rather hard to detect with the naked eye. It simply takes time to fully study and correlate findings. The camera and resulting images provide a better basis for study. It also frees up patients who would otherwise have to sit for extremely long periods of time as practitioners study their eyes and draw the appropriate conclusions based on an iridology chart.

What Iridology Tells Practitioners:

Iridology is not considered a diagnostic science even by its practitioners. Instead, it provides a starting point for study of problems or potential problems within the body. When anomalies are found, it often indicates a need for further diagnostic study.

An iridology camera is designed to give practitioners a way to obtain a very detailed image of a patient’s eye. This image is then studied closely for potential anomalies before more advanced procedures are indicated. Without the camera, practitioners must rely on the naked eye, which can easily miss very important signs of potential problems.

Iridology Cameras

October 5, 2008

What Iridology Cameras Are Used For

Iridology cameras are curious looking machines that are used in an alternative medicine practice that not everyone is completely familiar with. The importance of this particular device in the practice cannot be understated. Without a good camera, most practitioners find doing their jobs can be more than difficult.

What Iridology Cameras Do

This type of highly specialized camera is not at all unlike the machines eye doctors use to get a closer look at the eye. In the case of iridology cameras, however, the device is used to get a very crisp picture of a person’s iris. This picture is then either printed out or transferred to a computer for further study.

This type of camera is generally designed specifically for iridology and eye exam use. Inasmuch, iridology setups are not found on the general market. To obtain a specialized camera, practitioners need to turn to dealers that handle medical-based equipment. Some companies specialize in nothing but the sale of new or used cameras for the practice of iridology.

Camera Features

Many modern cameras used in the practice of iridology rely on fiber options to obtain an incredibly detailed image of the iris. These cameras typically involve a face stand and chin guard, much like machines found in optometrists’ offices. Some of the best cameras enable a direct link between the machine itself and a computer program that speeds along the reading process.

What The Pictures Tell

The practice of iridology itself involves the study of the eye to determine if there are potential medical problems related to different portions of the body. A detailed picture of the iris is studied for anomalies and then compared to a specialized chart. Particular anomalies found within the iris can indicate such things as dead or dying tissue, inflammation and more. Each part of the iris itself is believed to correspond to a particular part of the body.

Iridology is basically an advanced screening process. Alternative medicine practitioners use this study to indicate where they might want to look for problems. It is not considered a viable means for diagnosis. Instead, it is used to point practitioners in the right direction for further study and diagnosis.

What Happens After The Study:

If a practitioner finds that pictures from an iridology camera do present with anomalies, further study on the particular areas of the body might be indicated. An indication of inflammation in an organ, for example, might require immediate further diagnostic procedures.

Iridology is a unique study that links the eyes to different portions of the body. Providing a way to point diagnosis in the right direction, this practice is not easily picked up without the use of specialized iridology cameras. These machines can see what they naked eye often misses.

Pictures Of Iridology

August 2, 2008

Pictures Of Iridology Can Point To Potential Physical Problems

Iridology is a form of alternative medicine that seeks neither to diagnosis or treat. Instead, this science involves the screening for potential medical issues that might benefit from preventative measures or more hands-on diagnosis and treatment. Like a blood pressure screening, iridology seeks to determine if something could be wrong or if something might go wrong within the body. This is achieved through pictures of iridology subject matter.

Iridology ChartPictures of iridology focus on the iris of a patient’s eye. It is believed that the iris will give an indication of problems or potential problems within the body even before symptoms arise. Inasmuch, those who practice this form of alternative medicine use pictures of iridology as a screening tool to find or stave off potential issues.

Pictures of iridology are taken using a rather complicated camera. In most cases, the camera used to take pictures of iridology is fiber optic in nature and performs in much the same manner as an eye doctor’s screening machine. The resulting images are high resolution, highly detailed images of a patient’s iris.

Once pictures have been taken, they are carefully reviewed for anomalies, such as specks, spots or lines. Any anomalies are studied and examined to record the exact location where they are found, their coloration and even their shape. After this is done, the recorded information is compared to a specialized iridology chart.

An iridology chart is nothing more than a detailed image of an eyeball that shows which portions of the iris correspond to certain body parts. It is believed that different portions of the iris display problems within different regions of the body. An anomaly found in a particular portion of the iris, for example, might indicate an issue with the thyroid gland. A spot found in a different location could indicate potential problems with the heart, lungs and so on.

Pictures of iridology are used to screen for potential problems. They are simply not meant as diagnostic tools. They can, however, serve as very important tools for finding issues in their infancy or even preventing them from arising with symptoms all together.

In most countries where iridology is practiced, this scientific pursuit is heavily overseen by licensing organizations and membership-based groups. These groups, such as the International College of Iridology, work to advance this study and set standards for its practice.

Pictures of iridology can serve as a first line of defense against a host of medical conditions. When a skilled practitioner examines the eyes and any found anomalies, it is often suggested that more in-depth procedures take place in regard to actual diagnosis.

Free Iridology Charts

July 15, 2008

Free Iridology Charts Are Only A Starting Point For This Study

Iridology is the study of the eye and how it relates to the rest of the body. Iridologists believe that the iris of the eye holds clues as to the health status of each and every major organ and system within the human body. To guide them in their pursuit of health screening, many people interested in this field of study seek out free iridology charts.

Free iridology charts are available rather extensively online. These charts serve as the guide for helping iridologists read lesions and anomalies within the eye for clues about the health status of a person.

The best way to obtain free iridology charts is to do a simple Internet search. There are many locations where these charts are offered free for download. The charts alone, however, will not entirely help a person learn the ropes of iridology. There is more to this field of study than simply finding a spot on the eye and then cross checking it with a free iridology chart.

Iridology chart The basic premise behind iridology is that the eye holds key information as to the entire health status of a body. If there is a problem with the heart, for example, there will be a visible marking or lesion within the iris to indicate it. In many cases, these lesions appear even before a person becomes symptomatic. Free iridology charts and more complex charts that are available for purchase map out the eye and show exactly which parts of the iris relate to specific organs within the body.

What iridologists do with iridology charts is pinpoint the location of lesions they’ve found on the eye and then match them up to a specific organ. This form of health screening is simply that, however. It is not considered a diagnostic procedure. Instead, it simply helps guide further study or even preventative measures.

Beyond reading free iridology charts to compare found lesions, iridologists also delve a little deeper. These practitioners believe the different lesions have different meanings. For example, a black marking on the iris might indicate dead or dying tissue. White tends to indicate the presence of inflammation.

Free iridology charts can give those interested in this pursuit an idea of what the science is all about. There is much more to this field of study, however. To properly read charts, iridologists must be able to obtain very clear pictures of a person’s eye and also understand the significance of different lesions, their shapes and even their colors. To obtain proper credentials in the field, many people undergo rather extensive training.

While free iridology charts can help beginners learn more about this field, there is much more to the pursuit. Skilled iridologists often train long and hard to develop the traits necessary to properly screen health.

Iridology Charts

July 12, 2008

Iridology Charts Provide A Window Into The Body

Very basic iridology charts can be readily found all over the Internet. But, what are these unusual looking creations and what can they really tell a person? The truth is there is more behind these drawings than detailed images of the eye. These charts are key to a study of the eye and how it can indicate physical issues throughout the body.

What They Are Used For?

Iridology charts are used in the practice of iridology. This form of alternative medicine centers on the premise that problems within the body will be visual through study of the eye itself. Swelling in the kidneys, for example, might show up in a person’s eyes as a particular colored speck in a particular location of the iris.

Iridology is basically nothing more than a diagnostic screening tool. The study is performed to help alternative medicine practitioners determine where to look for problems if issues are suspected. This practice can also be used to help screen and detect issues before they present with actual symptoms.

When an iridology study indicates the potential for problems, further study generally takes place. Practitioners will then move on to different testing procedures to make actual diagnosis in a case.

How They Are Read?

Iridology charts generally show a single eyeball. The picture of the eye is broken up into various segments. Each segment corresponds to a set part of the body or particular area. The thyroid, for example, is believed to correspond to a very small part of the iris and the heart another.

Iridology chart front To use iridology charts to their fullest advantage, most practitioners take very   detailed pictures of a patient’s eyes. These pictures are then studied either visually or through the use of a specialized computer program. The study is completed to reveal any unusual anomalies within the iris. These anomalies are then compared to iridology charts to help point practitioners in the right direction for further study and diagnosis.

Anomalies themselves vary rather greatly in meaning. If black spots are found, they tend to indicate dead or dying tissue within the related portion of the body. Rings around the iris might indicate spasms in organs. Inflammation and swelling shows up as distinct white spots.

While many longtime iridologists can get by from memory, beginners often must have access to iridology charts to properly correlate findings. These charts are readily available online, in books and through specialized courses designed to teach this practice.

It is important for beginning practitioners to remember that iridology charts and the study of the eyes itself is only meant for screening. If problems are found, more advanced diagnostic procedures might be indicated.

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