4 Steps To Relieve Back Pain

July 14, 2016

Michael J. Homan is a Reiki Master and studies natural healthing methods such as Acupressure, Electro-Acupuncture, Reflexology, Crystal Therapy, Chinese Magnetic Cupping, has his own e-Book called 4 Steps To A Pain-FREE Back!, and has a health related web site devoted to health issues and natural healing techniques.

I have studied and taken courses in acupressure. Studied some on chiropractic. I also have looked into psychological issues to do with pain and medical problems. And I am also a Reiki Master.

So now that you have a little about my background, and what fuels my writing… let’s get to the real content.

I am going to condense this article for convenience since it is a combination of four major studies in themselves, but you can get my e-book or read my full articles at my web site, which is healthgrowhealthier.com.

I have found that 4 major things play an important part in your spines health.

First, there is posture. I know this is not the first time you have heard this, but it needs to be said again and again. Posture should be noted in sitting, standing, and sleeping. Start taking note of your posture at all times. If it is not straight, then start working on fixing it.

If you sleep in a position like I have in the past, with both hands under your pillow while you lay on your side, you can pinch a nerve in your neck if your shoulder of the arm that’s up starts to relax and leans in toward your head or neck. It would be better to lay your arm of your upper hand down on your leg while one hand is under your pillow.

And if you can, buy a few different thickness pillows for throughout the night. I do not know about you, but I can not have a high, fluffy pillow when I lay on my back. But a thin pillow gives me neck ache when I lay on my side.

The second thing on our list is the flexibility of your back.

What you want to do when you notice your back goes out a lot and you experience pinched nerves, is in getting your spine back into alignment and having it flexible.

Of course if you feel a chiropractor is your best choice, by all means seek one. But think about your progress if you could align your own back when ever you needed to. It’s not all that hard!

If you are in pain at the present, put ice or heat on the spot until the pain seems to lessen.

Do NOT, under any circumstances exercise while any of your nerves are inflamed or swollen!

To get your back more flexible you might want to learn kundalini yoga. Not all yoga styles are like those you may have seen on television, where they twist themselves up. Kundalini yoga has very good and useful spinal exercises developed to help flexibility. Kundalini Yoga is also a spiritual tool to help before meditation as well.

It is very important to strengthen your back and the surrounding muscles. This is the third step to a healthy back.

Doing sit-ups is one such exercise, You do not have to do many sit-ups until you feel you can… step by step.

Take all of these things slow and at the pace of your body. Your body will let you know what it is feeling. Pain is a warning sign. Just remember… taking pain pills is okay when you really need them. But also remember that they do not heal the problem, they only mask the warning sign, they simply stop the warning sign, but not the underlying problem.

Health is more than just eating right. One has to consider mental health, environmental, and many other factors. It is not all that easy for a doctor to diagnose the complete problem and cure it, especially if it has roots in psychological issues and has gone a long time unchecked, and became a physical problem.

The fourth and last step in back health is to start a daily stretching routine. You have seen cats and dogs stretch when they get up, try it for yourself!

The key to back health is in keeping it actively flexible and strong, or well supported by the stomach and back muscles. You may have to find that happy medium in between like I have, being too much strength in one area will pull out another.

Each person is uniquely different in many areas. So never think what worked for someone else is going to work for you. You may have to build on someone else’s information and work it into your own, personal program.

I recommend you learn a little about acupressure as well to maintain your pain when it flares up.

I have found that I can manage pain by using acupressure, simply by putting pressure on certain areas of the body. But that is something I suggest you seek a professional for help, or look for someone who does acupuncture, or take a course in acupressure like I did.

Natural Ways To Relieve A Headache-Sometimes The Old Ways Work Better

December 21, 2014

Having frequent headaches can range from being a nuisance to affecting your ability to function. Modern medicine’s typical response is to shove pills down your throat and see what happens. If the first pills don’t work then new pills are tried, and so on until you are able to find some relief. However, there are also some natural ways to relieve a headache so you won’t have to pop pills.

A warning is in order before we get to any of those methods: Nothing in this article is meant to be medical advice. You should always consult with your doctor before trying to treat any health condition, including headaches. If your doctor has prescribed medication, then you should always take it unless they instruct to stop taking it. Okay, and now onto the good stuff!

Cold or heat therapy is one of the oldest natural ways to relieve a headache. Placing a cold pack on the head, face or neck can lessen the severity of a headache, but don’t use anything that’s too cold as that can make the headache worse. Heat can be applied in the same way, and excessive heat should be avoided as well. Everybody is different, so you may need to see which temperature works best for you. How this works is still the topic of discussion, but what really matters is that it does indeed work, not how it works.

The body is covered with pressure points that affect other parts of the body. You can find pressure points that will help alleviate headaches. They can be found on the temples, the bridge of your nose, the hairline, the crook of your arm, your back and certain parts of your feet. Using a bit of trial and error, you should be able to zero in on the areas that bring you the most relief; however, if you want to be more precise then you can find information that shows you exactly where to apply pressure.

Aromatherapy can work wonders on your headaches, but you need to be careful. The reason is that some people are highly sensitive to certain scents, and they could end up making your headache worse. On the other hand, there are sure to be some aromas that soothe and clam you and lessen your headache pain. Some of the more popular scents for the treatment of headaches include lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint.

Staying in good health isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it can definitely help control your headaches. After all, what could be better than preventing them in the first place? Make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day, eat right, exercise on a regular basis, practice stress reduction techniques and get a good night’s sleep.

The cool thing about all of these natural ways to relieve a headache is that they can be done by just about anyone, and you don’t have to worry about popping pills and adding chemicals to your system.

Acupuncture Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know

May 5, 2014

How does acupuncture make you feel better? Does it alleviate symptoms? Sure does! Does it help to deal with the root of the problem, too? It absolutely does that and more! Acupuncture is an amazing treatment method you can learn about by reading this article, so don’t stop now!

You may be wondering when you can expect to feel results from acupuncture. Most of the time, acupuncture can provide immediate pain relief. In fact, you may feel better the day of your acupuncture appointment. In other cases, it will take a few days before you experience any results. If this is the case, just be patient.

Contrary to popular belief, most states require acupuncturists to be licensed. It is always a good idea to ask what type of degree, certificate or license they have. Some places also require that in order to practice acupuncture, you must complete at least your Masters Degree. This way you know that you will be in good hands.

Try your hardest to see through however many sessions are recommended for your treatment. There’s a reason this amount was chosen. You may be feeling pretty good after four or five sessions, but it could be short-lived if you drop the remainder of your sessions at that point. See the entire treatment through to the end.

Acupuncture is often used to treat various health conditions of the muscles and joints. It helps relieve pain for some sufferers of painful arthritis and sciatica. People who experience tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow often find relief in acupuncture. It sometimes even helps with paralysis a patient may experience after a stroke.

If you are interested in acupuncture but cannot afford it, ask your practitioner if they will accept you as a patient on a sliding scale. Many practitioners offer this service, as they realize the health benefits offered by this therapy. Typically, you will pay only what you can afford or agree to a bulk payment for several treatments.

When you are going to your first appointment, be prepared for it to last a really long time. Unlike traditional doctors, an acupuncturist needs to really examine you from head to toe before crafting a treatment plan. He’ll ask a ton of questions about your medical history, so you should be prepared to offer the answers.

If acupuncture benefits are not a part of your insurance plan, start by writing the company a letter. It is possible that the company will consider amending their plan. For maximum effect, send a copy of the letter to your HR representative. Your employer may have a part in determining which benefits are included on your plan.

Contact your insurance company if you are considering acupuncture. As you’ve probably guessed, acupuncture isn’t necessarily covered by insurance. It depends if your insurance covers alternative medical treatments. Some do, some don’t. If you don’t check, that first session my cost you a lot more than you may think.

Thanks to reading this article in full, you now have a great understanding of acupuncture and its benefits. You know how to find someone to help you, so get out there and do it! The sooner you seek out natural treatment through acupuncture, the faster you will feel amazing once again.

Everything You Need To Know About Acupuncture

April 6, 2014

Are you suffering the kind of pain that is making you consider every option for relief? Need to alleviate stress and anxiety? Then you may be looking for acupuncture. This age-old form of therapy has helped millions for centuries. In this article, you will find great suggestions and advice for helping you find and enjoy a great acupuncture session.

When it comes to acupuncture, it is important that you remain patient. Although you will likely feel some improvement soon after your first appointment, it is going to take time to experience large results. Allow yourself to go through several treatments so you can achieve the optimum results from this treatment.

Try to have some food in your stomach to prevent nausea or possible dizziness. Eating a large meal is not a good idea though. You will want to feel comfortable during your session. This means eating a reasonable snack a couple of hours beforehand. When you finish, follow up with another light snack or meal when you feel comfortable eating.

Those who suffer with chronic low back pain sometimes turn to accupuncture for relief when many other treatments fail. This is especially helpful if the pain is a result of a lifetime of poor posture, heavy lifting or lack of exercise. Many opt for accupuncture as a less-invasive option to back surgery.

Acupuncture is recognized as an effective treatment for a lot of different ailments and diseases by the medical world. If you are considering having this type of treatment, you might want to check with your insurance company first. Many insurance companies will actually cover the cost of acupuncture treatments.

Apply a heat treatment to keep your energy circulating after a treatment. You should apply a hot treatment to the area where you feel pain if you do not have another acupuncture session planned for a while. Cold treatments can be useful in some cases but your acupuncturist will probably recommend hot treatments.

If you feel very tired after an acupuncture treatment, you should get some rest. Acupuncture is supposed to give you some energy but you will not get this positive effect if you need some sleep. It is important to get eight hours of sleep a night until your next treatment.

If you have had blood work completed by your doctor recently, bring it with you to your appointment. A Chinese doctor will interpret the results differently than a Western physician. Also make a list of all the prescriptions, vitamins and herbal supplements you are currently taking to bring along with you.

Remember that acupuncture uses needles. Don’t be surprised when you go to your appointment and you see all the needles used in the procedure. Once you get over the fact that there will be needles used, you will be a lot better off. Acupuncture rarely is painful and it is usually all in your head.

Now you have a little more familiarity with acupuncture. You should find it less intimidating and more like something you want to take part in. You can never fully understand the benefits until you have gone under the needle yourself. Give it a try and you just might find yourself doing it over and over.

Excellent Tips To Help You With Acupuncture

December 10, 2013

Have you wondered whether or not acupuncture really works? If so, it is a good thing that you came across this article. Continue reading to learn the numerous benefits that acupuncture can provide you. If you are experiencing pain, you owe it to yourself to check out all the options that you have.

Acupuncture can provide pain relief following a back injury, but it often takes several sessions for the full benefits to be realized. Before beginning your therapy for this ailment, have a discussion with the acupuncturist regarding how treatment will work and what your expectations are. By doing this, you can develop a high level of comfort and realistic expectations about finding relief.

If you are receiving an acupuncture treatment and notice that pain persists for more than two minutes after a needle is inserted, speak up. Sometimes a needle can hit a spot in the body called a nerve meridian. When this happens, the result is discomfort and pain. The practitioner might need to remove the needle and try again in a different spot.

If you’ve had zero luck with Western medicines and your medical issues, consider the benefits of acupuncture. This is an alternative treatment that goes about things quite differently than Western treatments. It’s more about your total health. It’s about creating a sense of overall wellness in your body. It’s potentially a very powerful solution.

You are bound to experience stress at some points during your life. However, if it becomes a chronic condition that disrupts your day-to-day activities, you may consider turning to accupunture for some relief. Many patients find it very relaxing and soothing, and they prefer this method over taking possibly addicting and sedating medications.

Consider looking at specialized acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture, like traditional medicine, is a vast field, so you are bound to find treatments and acupuncturists that specialize in specific areas. For instance, there is acupuncture that specializes in just migraines and headaches or just chronic pain and stress.You might want to find someone that knows specialized treatments for your particulate ailments.

If you are receiving treatment for an internal condition, keep a diet diary in the weeks leading up to your appointment. Your acupuncturist can also offer you nutritional advice, ensuring that your healing begins from the inside out. Many foods affect your qi directly, so knowing what you eat can help him craft your treatment plan.

When you schedule your session, mention any vitamins or supplements you’ve been taking. Your acupuncturist may want you to temporarily cease taking some of them. While providing your body with extra nutrients is always a good thing, some of the supplements may cause mild side effects when taken on the day of an acupuncture session.

Acupuncture can be an incredible method of relieving any pains you have. Utilize the excellent knowledge provided in this article to ensure you are properly using acupuncture. Do not allow yourself to be in pain anymore than you have to be. Try acupuncture so you can enjoy its many benefits.

Pressure Points To Relieve Headaches-Temples Most Obvious

August 7, 2012

Having headaches isn’t any fun. When you have one the only thing you can think about is getting rid of it. Most people will either ride it out and hope the pain passes, or they will pop a few pills that promise to relieve the pain. However, a few people find that using pressure points to relieve headaches is a much better option for easing the pain.

There are pressure points located all over the body, and each one can help ease different ailments. Luckily, some of these pressure points will be able to treat your headaches. Some of the pressure points are quite obvious, while a few of them may end up surprising you. But where they are located is less important than the fact that they work. To be fair, not every single headache will go away instantly using these points, but they will almost always bring a noticeable level of relief.

Chances are you are already familiar with one of the pressure points, but didn’t even know it. We are talking about the temples. Now, you have to be careful to not apply too much pressure here, so just use your fingers to make a gentle circular massage motion. Keep doing this for a minute or so and you should find that your head is feeling better.

Another set of pressure points on the head can be found on the inside of your eyebrows right next to your nose. You should be able to apply more firm pressure here (though you always need to be careful to not overdo it on any pressure point). Use your thumbs to make smaller, then larger circles until you start to notice the pain lessening.

You can find another series of pressure points on the head along the front of your hairline, near the top of your forehead. Start at level that is even with the horizontal plane of your eyes (but close to the ears) then gently massage along the hairline until your fingers meet at the middle of your head (a few inches above your nose). However, the head is not the only place where there are pressure points to relieve headaches.

More points can be found at the midpoint between your head and the outside of your shoulders. These muscles typically store up a lot of tension, and releasing that tension with a massage can help bring headache relief.

Moving down to your forearms, you can find more pressure points on the inside of your arm just above the elbow joint. You can locate more points by moving diagonally toward your bicep. Alternating between both spots should make an improvement in your level of pain.

These are a few of the pressure points to relieve headaches, but there are several more. Sure, you can always take an aspirin or medication if you must, but trying natural remedies first may bring just as much relief without having to add chemicals to your body.

Treating Varicose Veins with Acupuncture

May 29, 2012

When the veins in your lower leg swell, widen, enlarge, or extend, you have a condition that is known as varicose veins. With varicose veins, the skin underneath the skin becomes highly visible and may vary in color from pink, red, purple, blue or black lines and may include clots. For those with severe cases, the veins may look like earthworms. Some of the symptoms of varicose veins include skin changes, damage, sclerosis, heaviness, weakness, fatigue, and leg pain.

Although most people think surgery is the only treatment for varicose veins, acupuncture is quite effective for this condition. Chinese medical theory believes varicose veins are the result of stagnant blood that can be produced by many underlying factors. During this condition, an abnormal blood flow occurs, so by treating key points with the meridian areas, it forces the blood to move into the veins and the areas around them. People who are being treated for varicose veins with acupuncture may feel tingling or have a sensation of heaviness. Some patients may even feel itchy once the blood in the veins begins flowing again, but the blood will be unable to circulate until any stagnant blood remaining in the vessels is removed completely by new blood.

The improvement that results from treating varicose veins with acupuncture is gradual. Depending on how severe your case is, you may need several treatments to eliminate your varicose veins. Acupuncture will restore the veins to normal, but you can soak in a hot tub or other means in order to speed the process. Unlike traditional treatments for varicose veins, acupuncture has no side effects. Surgical procedures do not always cure the problem, and sometimes may even make it worse. Most people just choose to live with the condition instead of attempting to correct it. The problem is you are left with pain and swelling in your legs that may increase over time.

If you have a severe case of varicose veins, acupuncture may be the answer to your prayers. That doesn’t mean only those with severe cases should consider acupuncture, but at the same time, if you don’t suffer from serious problems, you may want to let the condition manifest itself into something more serious before you seek treatment of any kind. The more severe the case is, the more likely it will be that the treatment will be effective. Not only that but waiting will make it easier to see the extent of the damage and allow a patient to notice the difference. In addition, most people do not believe in any kind of medical intervention, traditional or alternative, until nothing else works.

Scalp Acupuncture Treatments: Are They Helpful For You?

December 19, 2011

Scalp acupuncture treatments are used to treat a number of conditions. It is an alternative form of acupuncture that has shown to be helpful in treating several conditions, mostly those that center on the nervous system. Acupuncture is a method of treating an illness or condition with the use of very small needles that are placed into the skin at various points.

The overall result is that it relieves pressure from places in the body which in turn allows the body to heal or overcome the problem.

Scalp acupuncture is simply a specialized form of it. You may hear about this form when you are talking to others that have had problems with the nervous system. It has proved to be one of the most unique forms of acupuncture in the way that it specifically targets the nervous system. If you would like to find this type of help, be sure to seek out professionals that provide it as a specialty. In most areas, this will not be a problem to find.

There are several conditions that can be helped by scalp acupuncture. These are generally nervous system disorders. Some that have been helped include spinal cord injury, which is also known as SCI as well as multiple sclerosis or MS. When this type of acupuncture is done, it is done alongside traditional acupuncture. In acupuncture, it is believed that the energy flow or qi within the body is upset when there is an illness of any part of the body. By targeting the specific pressure points associated with that illness, it can be overcome.

With scalp acupuncture, a specific area is targeted based on studies of acupuncture. Some areas that are very specific, such as the foot, hand, ear and scalp are called Microsystems and provide acupuncture benefits to the entire body. When doctors concentrate on the scalp acupuncture areas, they can target the individual’s health in virtually any areas of the body.
Most believe that scalp acupuncture is most effective when treating nervous system disorders such as those having to do with the spinal cord. In fact, one of the most studied areas of this field is in Chinese stroke patients of which thousands have been helped through scalp acupuncture.

For those that have a condition that has to do with the nervous system, or those that want to take advantage of this region for standard acupuncture help, do so with a perfect physician specializing in this area. You will find many of them available to help you today that offer scalp acupuncture treatments.

Where to Find An Acupuncture School

June 24, 2010

For those who wish to become an acupuncture practitioner, there are various acupuncture school options throughout the United States and other parts of the world. It is not something you can learn on your own but is a very specialized field. Whether you are choosing just acupuncture or the entire field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will need to attend school to learn the practice. When you look, you will find that there are both acupuncture school options as well as those who run an entire curriculum of TCM.

One of the best ways to find an acupuncture school is through an online search. You can certainly look into your local area, but your resources are very limited. This is not the kind of curriculum that you will find at your local university or community college, but with an online search you will be able to find acupuncture schools that are close to where you live. At the same time you will be able to find the requirements, tuition, location, and much more. With all of the information right in front of you there will be no need to spend hours on the phone or traveling to find a school that meets your needs.

One thing you may want to consider is the possibility that you may need to travel out of town to find an acupuncture school. If you live in a small town, there is a good possibility you won’t find any acupuncture schools within commuting distance. The field is not as wide open as traditional medicine, and even medical schools are not located in every city. Choosing a quality acupuncture school is very important for your future as a practitioner, thus you must make sure you choose a good school and not one based upon location and tuition alone.

If you are unsure which an acupuncture school is the best, talk to some people who are already in practice and are willing to share their information with you. You may even be able to speak to your local university and obtain some information on acupuncture schools and which ones are likely to meet your needs. As one of the alternative medicines, acupuncture does not yet have the recognition it deserves. With that in mind, it is going to be more difficult to find acupuncture schools than a traditional university, especially in smaller towns. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream, but you do have to be willing to travel. For example, some acupuncture schools are located in one state and provide training in another one. You must be prepared for that and not expect to train in the same state where your college is located.

Allergy Relief and Acupuncture

January 10, 2010

More and more people are known to have many different allergies everyday. Allergies can be from food, cosmetics, radiation, sunlight, environment conditions, and allergens and just about anything you can imagine. Many health problems are related to allergic reactions and lower the immune system allowing other diseases to attack and weaken the body.

There is no known cure for allergy relief but ways to help prevent them or lessen the attacks. Knowing what to do for treatment and self-help will relieve you from a lot of pain and misery. Make sure you are suffering from allergies before taking action into your own hands by consulting a doctor. Your doctor can have test run to make sure he knows exactly what treatment is needed to relieve you from being so miserable.

How keeping your home clean helps you:

Keeping you home is a clean and fresh environment is one way to start relieving some of the allergy symptoms. Pollen, dust mites, pet dander and mold are all very important to keep under control when there are people in the home who suffer with allergies, asthma and sinus problems.

Make sure you have a good air filter on your vacuum sweeper keeping the dust inside and the clean air outside. Dust mites live for the dark and warm spots in the homecoming in from outside. Spray or spread powders on the carpet or furniture to kill the dust mites. Keeping your bed free of dust mites is done by covering the mattress, box springs, and pillows with a zippered casing.

Mold loves to live in damp areas. Check the basement for mold and put a dehumidifier down there to draw out the moisture. Clean up the mold particles that have built up by getting a cleaning for removing mold.

Cleaning supplies and products that help you:

Check out the cleaning products for keeping your home in control of allergens. Cleaning supplies comes in sprays, powders, and liquid forms for all kinds of usage. Personal care can be bought for preventing allergic reactions to your skin.

Air filters are another can be put in your home to help keep the air clean of pollens that are floating through your home. When the pollen is high outside close up all the windows and turn on the air conditioner. An air filter can be put on the air conditioner as well to eliminate some of the pollen by keeping it outside and bring in the fresh air.

Medications of all kinds are out now to help relieve allergy symptoms. Consult your doctor before buying over the counter drugs because you might have asthma or sinus problems maybe both along with allergies. Do not take to much medication not knowing exactly what the problem is.

If you prefer not to take drugs and looking for some other alternative. Acupuncture may be what you want to check into.

Acupuncture may be the answer to your health problems by maintaining balance and harmony. After testing, to pin point the exact allergens that are giving you attacks. Acupuncture is a painless procedure making the body strong where it was weak. Acupuncture reprograms the brain and nervous system. It does not react to the offending allergens.

Acupuncture is painless by using very tiny needles tapped in through a tub; so small that most people do not even realize they are inserted into the skin. This method is used for treating injuries and illnesses with drugs.

After acupuncture, you no longer need to avoid what was making you sick. This treatment rebalances your body energy when in contact with the offending allergens.

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