Oil Pulling

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Oil pulling is part of the Ayuvedic tradition of holistic medicine. These ancient remedies created in India provide simple solutions to numerous maladies both physical and psychological.

How does oil pulling work?

There are a few theories on the way that oil pulling works. Some say that the movement massages and stimulates the sublingual muscles to excrete toxins stored up in the body. Others report that the production of saliva is the catalyst for the draw out of bodily toxins.

How do I oil pull?

The procedure is quite straightforward; take 1 tablespoon of oil into the mouth on an empty stomach. Swish the oil in your mouth much as you would mouthwash being careful not to swallow the oil. If you swallow a minuet amount this is fine.

Pull the oil through your teeth as well as chomping and moving your jaws in a biting motion. The oil will change in consistency from thick and yellow to thin and foamy. This is due to the fact that your saliva is mixing with the oil bringing with it toxins being excreted sublingually through the tongue.

Swirl and pull the oil through your teeth for 15-20 minutes. At the end of the session spit the pulled oil into the sink or toilet. If you discard the oil in the sink be sure to clean the sink with an antibacterial wipe or soap.

Rinse your mouth with water 2 to 3 times and then brush your teeth as normal. You will notice that after a few weeks of this your tongue will become pinker and healthier looking. Your teeth will be whiter and your breath will improve.

Some say that tilting your head back while oil pulling will ensure that oil is getting all the way to the back of the molars. This is an advanced technique and not recommended for those just beginning. Remember to slowly swish and pull the oil in your mouth, this is not a race and you will not get any more benefit from rushing things.

It is recommended that you wait an additional 10 minutes before you have breakfast. You may practice oil pulling 3 to 4 times a day if desired making sure to do so on an empty stomach each time.

Are there any precautions to take while oil pulling?

The main precaution involved in oil pulling is to practice it on an empty stomach. You run the risk of vomiting if you oil pull after eating. The best time to oil pull is in the morning, after you brush your teeth, but before breakfast.

Being careful not to swallow the oil after pulling is another precaution. After the oil is pulled through it will contain toxins extracted from the body. If you do happen to swallow the oil it will be passed through the system.

The type of oil is also something to keep in mind. Sunflower and sesame seed are the recommended oils to use. Cold press oils are the highly desirable, refined oils are required.

Make sure to clean the sink with antibacterial soap after each session. The toxins pulled into the oil are concentrated and this precaution will keep from getting anyone sick who happens to use the sink after you.

If symptoms worsen discontinue oil pulling for a week or two and then resume the practice. Some people have very sensitive systems and because of individual physiology may not be able to oil pull. If you notice that symptoms are not subsiding then discontinue permanently.

How can oil pulling help?

Oil pulling has been purported to effectively treat gingivitis and whiten teeth. Skin conditions such as eczema, and acne have been reported to improve after sustained use. Lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and even diminished migraines have been attributed to the practice of oil pulling.

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