Subjectivity in Homeopathy

April 21, 2010 · Print This Article

Few people know that the practice of homeopathy is actually very subjective. This means that homeopaths use their own judgment and opinions to choose the correct treatments for a patient. This means that the same patient could get two completely different treatments for the same ailment from two different homeopaths.

So how do two practitioners of the same medical profession come up with completely different treatments? Homeopaths take the entire patient into consideration, from the patient’s physical medical history to the patient’s emotional medical history. Homeopaths use this information in different ways depending on their personal opinions on what is affecting the patient. And since the treatments prescribed are defendant on the symptoms the homeopath focuses on, a patient can get different treatments for the same thing. The homeopath simply decides which symptoms are closest to the patient’s character and uses those to diagnose and treat the illness.

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