Is Homeopathy a Hoax?

June 4, 2009 · Print This Article

Homeopathy has long been questioned as a legitimate medical practice. Most Western medical practitioners feel that homeopathy is completely ineffective. When any significant effects are seen in the use of homeopathy, most of these medical professionals credit those results to the placebo effect, a psychological response to the belief that something – like a medication - will help, making the brain believe that it does help.

Most of the theory behind homeopathy is, in fact, contradictory to the basic scientific principles of pharmaceutical medical practices. This is because there is no convincing or substantial scientific evidence to suggest that homeopathy is effective. But this is not to say that homeopathy doesn’t work. Some people do find relief from their medical symptoms through the use of homeopathic products. And while Western medicine feels these results are psychological, homeopaths feel that not only do homeopathic treatments work, they work both physiologically and psychologically.

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