Vinegar and Allergy Relief

December 20, 2009 · Print This Article

Chemicals can affect us in many ways. Some cleaners we use have harmful chemicals that can kill us if inhaled, or digested. We need to learn how to clean our home to avoid irritants that cause allergies. To get started we need to consider chemicals.

How vinegar works:

Vinegar is distilled. Its made of grains and acidity products that come from natural sources. Vinegar has a strong aroma that sways most people from using the product, yet if you were to clean your home with vinegar, the irritants will stay away also. They too hate the nasty aroma that comes from vinegar.

Most chemicals we use for cleaning have hasty elements that interrupt the respiratory system, bronchia and sinuses. If we are to find allergy relief, we must convert to a new way of living. This means we should only use natural products to clean our home.

Lysol is a common household cleaning product. Many people use this product, yet some people suffer severe headaches after spraying the chemicals. Lysol has an active ingredient known as dimethylbenzylammonium chloride, which is said to eliminate germs.

The chemicals in Lysol are far less hazardous than other chemicals according to experts. Yet, the chemicals when overexposed to are toxic. The toxics are linked to birth defects, cancers, and have been linked to allergy attacks.

One thing for sure, many household cleaning products contain toxics. Not anything toxic surely should be worth letting into our environment. Most of your air fresheners, soaps, bleaches, shampoos, antiperspirant, hair spray, cleansers, detergents, paint thinners and so on are toxic.

Still we have to clean our homes. Instead of using chemicals with harmful toxics, take your cleaning journey to organic reserves.

Vinegar is great for removing stains. Vinegar will keep away irritants. You can also use natural products made by SFI products. Most of these products are safe to use. In fact, thousands of people have tried these products and have giving good reports. Go online to check reviews before considering the product. The vendors enable you to make money from selling the products as well. For the most part, you want to think health, so consider what you need to find allergy relief.

Filters for vacuums should be considered also when searching for allergy relief. High-efficient filters can reduce irritants from you home over 90%. Hepa manufactured by NASA is one of the best filters on the market. This product was intended for use in plants, yet it was approved by proper channels and is now used in homes, hospitals and so on.

Cleaning beds and furniture is important. If you want to keep, dust mites and dust at bay wash your bedding weekly in hot water. You may want to add vinegar to your wash to help fight dust mites and dust.

Studies show that furniture made of upholstery has higher potentials of causing dust and dust mites to stick. If possible, you may want to invest in foam-packed furniture.

Wood collects dust. Televisions and carpets collect dust also. It is wise to cleanse the areas frequently. Dust at least once each day. To clean wood tries using the oils instead of the sprays. Oils are healthy for breathing than sprays.

If you have pets in your home, keep in mind that most allergies emerge from pet dander. If you are not prepared to separate from your friend, then take more time to clean your home. If you clean your home each day, you can keep irritants at bay. Perhaps you can designate one area of your home to your pet only.

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