Herbal Medicine Usage Theories

May 12, 2009 · Print This Article

When you use herbs, you probably don’t think about why you are using them the way you are. Most herbal medicine practitioners subscribe to one of several different theories about the proper use of herbal medicine. One of the oldest theories is the Chinese theory that states that herbal medicine is divided into two categories that produce yin-yang balance: pro-oxidants and anti-oxidants. Another, slightly more recent theory about herbal medicine is derived from Native American uses. Native Americans used herbs according to their physiological effects and spiritual uses.

A modern theory combines some of these older theories to create the use of herbal combinations to treat illnesses. According to the Triune formula, there are nine herbal combinations that nourish, supplement, or drain the main organ systems of the human body. This formula was derived from ideas in Chinese herbal medicine.

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