Does Alternative Medicine Work?

September 11, 2008 · Print This Article

In today’s modern times, many of us no longer believe in alternative medicine, natural remedies, the use of herbs or anything that does not involve the use of traditional modern medicine. We have made so many advances in modern day medicine, that most of us don’t trust or want to believe in anything else. The question I ask myself constantly is; “if traditional medicine has become so much better than other alternative, more natural medicine, Why are we still getting sick?” Why do some people get better when they use alternative medicines? Why do traditional medical professionals see so many ¨unexplained healings,¨ as they like to call them. Is it all because of miracles, or is it thanks to Alternative medicine?

Natural medicine does work! Or at least I am one of those believers. But as even the best alternative medicine professionals believe, it should be used in conjunction with traditional medicine. Natural, or alternative medicines allow your body to heal itself, and to balance itself out, without the use of so many chemicals. Even studies done by traditional medicine experts show that many life threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart problems are caused by stress and anxiety. If the cause is stress, and they agree that one of the best ways to fight this stress and anxiety is through alternative medicine, then how can they also say that alternative medicine doesn’t work. Why do so many in the medical profession say that alternative medicine doesn’t work? Well, your guess is as good as mine! But whether it’s the natural medicine, herbs, therapies or just the patients faith, what is true that something is working, and it’s more than just traditional medicine.

Recently, in a conversation with a friend, who was once a stage IV cancer patient, I asked him what he attributed his healing too. This man should be dead, he is in the 3% survivor rate and was stage four! He told me the doctors had sent him home and told him to make his final plans. Instead he used his faith, tried alternative medicine and is still alive today! If you ask him, whether he believes in alternative medicine or not, he will say, ¨I don’t know what I believe in, but I am still here. Does that answer your question?” ¨It might have been the natural herbal treatment I take, it might be people’s prayers, it might even be traditional medicine. The good thing is I’m still here for a few more years and enjoying every minute of it! I don’t think I could have ever written a better analogy as to the effectiveness of alternative medicine.

The truth is that there are two types of people. Those who truly believe in the natural healing wonders of alternative medicines, and others who believe that natural medicine is a matter of “old wives tales” and these old techniques that have no effect at all.

It is difficult to say which is true and which is not. But we are left with something to consider. If alternative medicines do not work, then why have they been around for thousands of years, and why do we still use them? Why do people who use them, survive life threatening diseases? Is it truly just a matter of faith, or is there really something to these alternative medicine techniques? Those questions I will leave you to answer.

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