All there is to Know about Alternative Therapies for Labor

July 1, 2010 · Print This Article

Women have been having babies every since humans have roamed the earth. However, with the centuries of medicine and technology improving it has become very common for women to seek pain management for labor through drug therapy. Although epidurals are an excellent way for women to go through labor with as little pain as possible, there are still women who wish to experience the whole labor and not be frozen from the lower back down. This is why many women research, learn about, and obtain alternative therapies for labor.

Child birth can be a very special and overwhelming occasion and many women wish to experience it to the fullest extent. For those women, there are plenty of alternative therapies for labor available. Women should have a child birth plan that their physician and or mid-wife have agreed to. This way any alternative therapies for labor can be pre-arranged and accessible when the big day comes.

One of the most common alternative therapies for labor is of course Lamaze. Lamaze is a breathing routine that is usually practiced in classes prior to the day of birth. It is typically a class taken not only by the expectant mother, but also by a partner known as a coach. Breathing properly allows for relaxation as well as a different place to focus during painful contractions. An ancient technique that has been catching on in the United States is most definitely acupuncture. It has been proven that by placing needles in specific places in the body that then triggers endorphins in the brain that block the pain signals. However, in order for this to be a useful tool for labor, the woman obviously has to be okay with needles and it will also need to be pre-arranged so that the certified acupuncturist can be there when they are needed. There is also a similar technique called acupressure or shiatsu. This works basically the same way but instead of needles there is finger or thumb pressure in specific locations. Another one of the very common alternative therapies for labor is hydrotherapy. Most often women will sit or lay down in a Jacuzzi tub.

This is a combination of both heat and massage. However, the tubs are typically designed in a specific way to prevent water from being forced in the vagina. The great thing about using hydrotherapy is that tubs are found in most hospitals and birthing centers and having the baby actually in the water is supposed to be one of the most soothing methods of natural child birth. Each woman must decide on a birthing plan that is best suited for her, but alternative therapies for labor are great options.

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