Meditation And Your Spiritual Awakening

December 30, 2011

Meditation is often visualized as an Eastern tradition where the person sits in a circle surrounded by candles and saying mantras or humming. Currently, meditation and its benefits are recognized and is far from what we had in mind before. Aside from the calming effect that it could bring, meditation are often said to be a path to awaken the spirit and start the journey towards spiritual awakening.

Meditation has different schools. Each school would have its own thought about meditation. There are also different techniques for meditation and it can also be classified based on their focus. There are meditative techniques which focus on a field or a background perception, while there are others which focus on a specific object.

Meditation is used to calm the mind and relax the body. Tension, stress and anxiety can be relieved by performing simple techniques. Aside from the inner peace that meditation brings, it can also improve the body’s total and general health. It is also a great way of improving your concentration. There are studies showing the relation between meditation and other concentration exercises with the performances of athletic and sport professionals.

Health benefits of meditation would include better circulation, deeper level of relaxation, increase in exercise tolerance among heart patients, regularizing blood pressure, reduces anxiety attacks and muscle tension, helps against allergies, arthritis, and shows significant help for those who are recovering from operation or surgery.

With this concentration process, you get to listen to the inner self and separate from the pressures of daily life. Understanding the inner self would lead to understanding of our higher self. This would increase our knowledge and understanding how the higher self unites with the universe. In meditation, you get the chance to tap into your inner self and get in touch on how it sees your life. Getting in touch with the inner self will provide guidance towards our happiness and fulfilment.

There are religions which advocate the use of meditation to reach enlightenment. As mentioned, there are different schools of thoughts and focus that each religion adapts. But the method or the technique used is not as important with the underlying concept that behind meditation.

Meditation is about listening to the inner self, therefore it has something to do with controlling your attention and focusing. There are too much distractions that it is very hard for some to focus their attention into what it is important and keeping the attention on fixed object. When focused on a fixed object or field, one-pointedness could be experienced and could take the person to a completely different state. This one-pointedness is not that easy to achieve though, there are some who would need to meditate for years to achieve it.

When one-pointedness is achieved, the person would experience bliss. Bliss is referred to as a natural state of the soul which cannot be experienced easily in daily lives. During this meditative state, spirituality and also the mind expands its consciousness and understanding of nature and the universe. Destructive thinking and behaviour brought about by the materialistic and fast-paced world can be flushed away by focusing more on the your spirituality.

A deeper understanding and knowledge would be felt and the body would be in one with the universe. This they say would be what would link us to the Supreme Being. Attaining this one-pointedness could somehow be compared to a spiritual awakening, where the body and the mind can fully understand what cannot be seen or touch in the material world.

Who are you? A Spiritual Awakening

December 30, 2011

Who are you? A spiritual awakening now will help you answer that question. We have asked that same query repeatedly in the course of our lives, often having answers that dwell on the basic and the more obvious. Who are you? I am an employee, a clerk in the bank, a teacher, an engineer, a scientist or a businessman. But that question is a loaded one and requires an answer beyond what we do in our lives. It can be approached as a philosophical question where the answer would require looking more closely and deeply into one’s self.

To achieve an awakening, one might have to go into deep meditation. Others might suggest a different approach though. It is still meditation but more of an involved observation. Observing closely the inner workings of your mind would be a different approach but can be as effective as meditation. Being a third party observer to your thoughts could be a good exercise of separating yourself from your own thoughts which can lead to discerning who you really are. You might find this concept a little different or even outwardly weird. But still there’s no harm in trying though since you’re in the process of knowing yourself, giving different means or techniques a shot is not that bad.

Techniques may vary but what is important is that you are meditating on what is happening on the now. The realization will not come if you keep thinking of the past or paying too much attention to the future. Thinking, meditating and concentrating on your thoughts at this very minute or second would be the right way to go. You don’t think about past exploits, former employments, the days during those college years, and all that stuff during meditation. You think of the present, you think why you exist right now. You observe what you are at that moment and enlightenment might come quickly to some or might take some time to others. You might need more patience and keep trying to get something out of the exercise.

Others, however, would insist on leaving everything as they come and dealing with them as they enter your consciousness. All those things are part of your existence. Resisting them is like resisting part of yourself. These things are happening now and not paying much attention to them does not really help. This is why other people insist on not blocking those emotions. Living in the moment means not trying to change.

The thing is it to continue feeling peaceful. Remember the moment and keep coming back to that moment. That will be your base for your meditation. Always remember to leave everything behind and always pay attention to the moment. I may have said this over and over again but the fact of the matter is you need to always pay attention to the moment. If you suddenly found yourself drifting from your meditation, go back to that moment where you are at peace. Just be there at that moment and do not worry if you’re doing everything right or wrong.

So we go back to that question of who are you? A spiritual awakening is indeed the answer but it might not come instantly to others while it comes immediately to others. You just need to be patient if you belong to the group that enlightenment does not come easily.

Scalp Acupuncture Treatments: Are They Helpful For You?

December 19, 2011

Scalp acupuncture treatments are used to treat a number of conditions. It is an alternative form of acupuncture that has shown to be helpful in treating several conditions, mostly those that center on the nervous system. Acupuncture is a method of treating an illness or condition with the use of very small needles that are placed into the skin at various points.

The overall result is that it relieves pressure from places in the body which in turn allows the body to heal or overcome the problem.

Scalp acupuncture is simply a specialized form of it. You may hear about this form when you are talking to others that have had problems with the nervous system. It has proved to be one of the most unique forms of acupuncture in the way that it specifically targets the nervous system. If you would like to find this type of help, be sure to seek out professionals that provide it as a specialty. In most areas, this will not be a problem to find.

There are several conditions that can be helped by scalp acupuncture. These are generally nervous system disorders. Some that have been helped include spinal cord injury, which is also known as SCI as well as multiple sclerosis or MS. When this type of acupuncture is done, it is done alongside traditional acupuncture. In acupuncture, it is believed that the energy flow or qi within the body is upset when there is an illness of any part of the body. By targeting the specific pressure points associated with that illness, it can be overcome.

With scalp acupuncture, a specific area is targeted based on studies of acupuncture. Some areas that are very specific, such as the foot, hand, ear and scalp are called Microsystems and provide acupuncture benefits to the entire body. When doctors concentrate on the scalp acupuncture areas, they can target the individual’s health in virtually any areas of the body.
Most believe that scalp acupuncture is most effective when treating nervous system disorders such as those having to do with the spinal cord. In fact, one of the most studied areas of this field is in Chinese stroke patients of which thousands have been helped through scalp acupuncture.

For those that have a condition that has to do with the nervous system, or those that want to take advantage of this region for standard acupuncture help, do so with a perfect physician specializing in this area. You will find many of them available to help you today that offer scalp acupuncture treatments.

Following Simple Rules to Yoga Meditation

December 12, 2011

Many times when people decide that they want to start practising yoga meditation, they are not sure of how to do any of it. In fact, many people will do meditation completely wrong for quite some time; until someone is able to help them.

When it comes to yoga meditation, there are a few different things that must be followed in order to have the meditation work correctly. In fact, there are four yoga meditation steps that are usually used for the proper meditation practices. Besides following certain steps for meditation, there is usually a specific amount of time that should be followed; which is usually an hour length of time.

As for the steps to follow for yoga meditation, there are also a few things that should be done before following the meditation steps. Some of the things that should be done for practising yoga meditation is bathe your face, feet and hands, empty your bladder and bowels, as well as setting aside a regular time and place to practice the yoga. The first step that should be done is stretching. The main purpose of stretching before yoga meditation is to allow the body and muscles to become limber; so that they do not get stretched or pull improperly. Next what you will want/need to do is get the body relaxed (relaxation). The third step to yoga meditation is making sure that you’re breathing correctly. Not only will you be breathing normally, but you will also be breathing with your diaphragm as well spinal breathing. Once you learn to breathe correctly, it will eliminate and jerks and pauses which allows your mind to begin meditating.

Once you have the first three steps down, you will then begin the last step; which is meditation. When you’re meditating, you are allowing your mind to become still while you are you breathing throughout the body. While meditating, many people will focus on a certain object in the room, or even a word of some sort. After you become good enough at meditating, you will/should be able to examine the unconscious while you are uninvolved with any of the present.

Whether you are a beginner at meditation or have been meditating for quite some time, it is very important to learn and follow certain steps to yoga meditation. In fact, the very most important step that one should learn right away is the process of breathing; as you can not meditate without learning it. Even though yoga meditation seems as if there is a lot to learn, it is definitely worth learning it; especially once you are able to clear your mind!

Finding Relief With Meditation

December 1, 2011

I would like to take you beyond the limits of your customary thoughts and experiences.This new way of life begins with two questions that are very simple.The first question is would I want this to be true: “Every event that will befall me is absolutely the best possible event that could occur.” Meditate before answering this so that you can think about it with a clear mind and answer it truthfully. The second question is the more difficult part,is to truthfully answer this question: Will I give that a chance to be true?

Imagine using meditation that God has appeared before you this instant and said: “I promise you that everything that happens to you from this moment forward will be of the greatest benefit to you and will bring you the utmost good fortune,” Suppose God went on to tell you,”Even though what happens will appear at times unfortunate or even hurtful,in the end your life will be wonderfully blessed and hugely benefited by whatever may happen to you.Stop and meditate.How would you feel about that wonderful news? Happy? Perhaps you may even be filled with joy.

Wouldn’t it be the greatest news that you could ever hear? Wouldn’t you heave a deep sigh of relief and feel as if a great burden had been lifted from your shoulders? Wouldn’t you then respond to the next thing that happened-even if it was hurtful or took something from you or seemed bad or even unlucky-as though it was going to be wonderfully beneficial for you,the best possible thing that could have happened? If you have not enthusiastically answer yes,clear your mind,meditate on it.Perhaps you mistaken what I am talking to you about.

I am not talking to you about the common phrase we commonly hear, “try to make the best of things,” which basically means ” The situation or event really is bad and terribly unlucky,but do what you can possibly think of or meditate to salvage some good out of it.” Nor do I mean that within even the worst event possible,there can be found a tiny bit of good.I am not thinking in terms of such limited ideas. I am thinking in unlimited terms,where every event that befalls you is absolutely the best event that could occur-that there is no other event imaginable that could benefit you to any greater degree.

So,again,while you meditate ask yourself wouldn’t that be the best piece of news you could hear? If you are willing to give this new concept a chance and actually believe that everything that happens to you will happen for a reason. When thinking about anything,to get a great deal of relief just clear your mind and meditate about the good things that are to come to you in the future. Meditation can be much better than medication and you might just be real surprised how much better you will begin feeling after practicing it for awhile.