Usui Reiki Practitioner in London, ON, CAN

July 29, 2009

Reiki Practitioner: Leanne Eimer, RP
Postal Address: Ferndale Avenue
London, ON, CAN
Telephone: (519) 649-4134

Reiki Music

July 29, 2009

Reiki which is pronounced as Ray Key is a holistic healing system that uses universal energy to heal an individual. In order for this to work, you have to be trained by a Reiki master. Since its rediscovery in the early 1900’s, various forms have evolved and some of them use Reiki music.

Reiki music is used to create calm and peaceful atmosphere in order for the healing to take place. This is available for download while some retailers sell these in CD online. One example of this is Shamballa that is often used by seasoned spiritual travelers.

For those who have never done a Reiki session with music before, it is recommended to use one with gentle tunes first before trying out something more diverse. If the site you are visiting allows you to hear a sound clip, try it out so you have an idea where the music can take you.

Do you really need to use Reiki music during a healing session? The answer is no because meditation music or any other kind may also work as long as it is designed for relaxation purposes.

As much as possible, the recording should last for about 60 to 75 minutes which is the average time it takes to feel energized after a session.

Just like a regular session without music, you can tell if it is working when you feel different sensations throughout your body. An individual who feels down will afterwards experience an emotional release or relief.

Once you have found the right Reiki music, you can put it on and then simply sit or lie down in a comfortable position. You then place your hands over your face with the palms over the eyes, touch the tongue to the roof of the mouth with the tip of your tongue just behind the teeth. Remember to inhale and let the energy flow into your body and then let it go out along your arms and out through your face.

The same slow movement should be done with the other parts of the body so you wake up feeling refreshed and recharged.

Reiki wouldn’t be around for more than a hundred years if it is not able to help those recover from emotional disturbances and addictions

In fact, various studies have been conducted and results have shown that patients are able to recover faster after surgery. This is the reason that there are more hospitals and clinics that have started to practice Reiki even before an operation to help them relax.

Those who worship Christianity have also embraced Reiki because its methods help them express compassion towards others and bring them closer to God. This is because Jesus healed with his hands and so is the hand healing technique used in Reiki that has made this very appealing.

Anyone can practice Reiki and you can do this with or without Reiki music because the tune that you hear only helps you relax when the most important thing to learn is the proper hand technique. This can only be taught by a master Reiki and when this is passed on to you, this can also be shared with others.

You just need to keep an open mind and have faith so you may also experience the positive energy that is needed to heal whatever part of the body, mind or soul that requires healing.

Looking For Alternative Medicine Doctors

July 26, 2009

So you have decided that it’s time to take the plunge and take charge of your own health! Congratulations, and may this be the start of a wonderful new chapter of your life. One of the first steps you should take is to start looking for alternative medicine doctors. A good alternative medicine doctor is worth his weight in gold. He can help you to get started on this natural health journey unlike anyone else.

A good place to start your search for an alternative medicine doctor is, believe it or not, a large teaching hospital. Oftentimes, staff members such as a nurse, physical therapist, social worker, or even a doctor will be able to help you by steering you in the right direction. Another idea is to do a web search to see what is available in your area.

Try to choose a doctor you feel comfortable with. It’s a proven fact that any treatment works better when you can establish a level of trust with your doctor, and this kind of specialty doctor is no exception. Since alternative medicine deals with the body and mind as a whole, it is important to choose someone who is on the same wavelength as you, if possible. When looking for an alternative medicine doctor, it might be helpful to prepare a list of questions about the things that you would like in a doctor of this caliber. After all, one does not choose a doctor every day, and it’s best to be prepared.

The doctor may have some questions for you as well, so it is best to be prepared. One of the main topics he or she may wish to discuss with you is why you are looking for alternative medicine doctors. Don’t be nervous! Answering the doctor’s questions is one way to get to know him better.

An alternative medicine doctor may ask you why you are looking for natural, holistic treatment instead of that of a conventional physician. He could inquire as to what the status of your health is at the time you are speaking with him, and what you expect to accomplish by putting yourself in his care. He or she could also be interested in just how much you really know about the general ideas and principles of alternative treatment.

Even though you may be fairly certain you have found the doctor to suit your needs after that first interview, you should not settle on the very first one. Go ahead and interview at least one or two more. Then, you can make a decision that you can be absolutely sure about.

Don’t be too shy to ask about the costs of office visits and other treatment. Make sure you like the office staff, as you will be speaking with them as much or more than the doctor. And, last but not least, check with your insurance company to see if alternative medicine doctors are covered.

Colors and Healing

July 24, 2009

The Throat chakra is powered by blue energy. Blue represents spirituality and is a great healing power. It can help you calm you mind, help you sleep, help with a fever or when you have a major shock in your life. Its calm nature is to keep us connected with the universe.

The Root chakra is governed by this color. It represents our ties to the earth and always shows a positive outlook. Red gives strong qualities of courage, security and self-confidence. It stimulates and energizes the wearer. It can help when you are tired, are anemic, need courage, or just need some renewed energy.

The Solar Plexus chakra is under this color. It is often referred to as the brain of the nervous system. When the chakra is balanced, we shouldn’t have any abdominal problems. It helps to cleanse the pores in the skin and stimulates the brain. Yellow is compared to joy and brightness. It may help when you are tired, depressed, have skin or weight problems, or suffer from ulcers.

The Sacral chakra is governed by this color. Orange is stimulating and helps us in times of depression and lonliness. Orange also has the love from red and the wisdom from yellow mixed into it. This color will help the wearer to increase their appetite, help with nerves, asthma, and allergies. It also helps when you lack the energy to do the work you need to get done.

The Heart chakra is ruled by this color. Green is a harmonizing energy and helps with balancing. It has a very strong tie to nature and can help the wearer become peaceful and have more harmony in life. Green can also help you calm your nerves, when you have migraines, have a need for peace and tranquility, and need positive and happy feelings.

How Meditation Helps Insomnia

July 21, 2009

Insomnia simply is a chronic inability to sleep. I have had many restless nice with only a few hours a sleep. Many nights I would only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep. I had tried everything to help me sleep.I tried things like Tylenol pm.mild nerve pills and even was tested for sleep apnea and had a breathing machine to use at night for the sleep apnea.That machine made me feel as if i could not get any oxygen. Insomnia can make you crazy after awhile.

I was having a very difficult time breathing with it. I had to quit using the machine because it was so uncomfortable.I was getting very irritable from not sleeping so a friend told me how using mediation helped her.I went on the computer and found out many ways meditation helps people for many different problems. The first thing I learned is that having insomnia can also be a mind thing.

You can actually train your mind to go without sleep.I know that I think about the struggles I go through everyday and keep that on my mind so I cannot sleep well. Through meditation I have learned to calm down,relax and know that getting so upset over things I cannot change will just make things worse. Now when I come home after a exhausting day I don’t let things bother me so much. I actually first started my mediation in the morning before I left and again when I get home.

In the morning I get up about 30 minutes earlier then the rest of the family so I can have time to myself. I go into the kitchen get a book I like or a newspaper,fix me some coffee and just meditate before I have to start my hectic day. When I come home at night I know that with my insomnia I will have another restless night so I start preparing for my night after I get supper cooked the dishes done and kids to bed.

For my meditation at night I will first relax by listening to soothing music. I will turn on a music channel on my television and just kick back and relax. I then get in a hot tub and sit there and let the hot water sooth me. After I get out of the tub I do not wait to go to bed. Since my body is now very relaxed I go straight to bed. I have learned by staying awake watching TV after I am so relaxed will only make it harder for me to sleep.

Since I used my meditation while listening to comforting music and relieving my tension with a hot bath why get upset by watching television. I turn my fan on low get under the covers take some deep relaxing breaths and go to sleep. I’m not saying that I am cured and get 8 hours of sleep every night but I can say that using mediation to relax me has helped me at least get a couple of extra hours of sleep then I use to.

My husband also turns on the little clock radio to a country channel and leaves it on low all night to help him get some sleep.You have got to remember meditation is simply clearing your mind of thoughts that upset you. Once you have cleared your mind over whatever is bothering you it will be to your benefit.

Relaxing is the key to having a better day and night. So find a way of meditation that will help you relax and just enjoy your night. You are worth it and most of all after all you do for everyone you deserve to have a few moments of relaxing meditation.

Finding The Best Online Iridology Courses Canada Provides

July 19, 2009

There is more to iridology than simply looking at the eye and finding unusual markings that might indicate the presence of disease. With this in mind, training is required for iridologists to earn their proper credentials. For those who wish to telecommute to class, it is possible to find the best online iridology courses Canada has to offer.

Remember, when looking for iridology classes that this pursuit is a little more complex than other areas of study. Practitioners must be able to properly handle the equipment of the science. They must also posses the skills and knowledge to properly read pictures of the iris and study them for potential signs of illness.

To find the most reputable online iridology classes Canada provides, potential students do need to do their homework. This tried and tested natural science is one that should be pursued with a high level of seriousness. To find the proper training, it requires looking for certain credentials.

To start looking for good online iridology classes Canada might have to offer, the best place to begin is either with a basic Internet search or through the Iridologists’ Association of Canada. The latter is the most likely to provide information about schools this overseeing organization sanctions.

Once schools have been located that offer telecommuting courses, there are certain traits to look for. These include:

• Student certification. The most reputable online iridology courses Canada has to offer result in the earning of proper credentials. These credentials might include a practitioner diploma, a certified clinical iridologist designation and so on.
• Association affiliation. The Iridologists’ Association of Canada is an organization that oversees this practice within the country. Members of the organization are privy to specialized training programs, workshops, professional seminars and more. The organization does sanction schools and training programs it approves of.
• Hands-on assistance potential. While many people can handle learning through online iridology courses Canada has to offer, some require more hands-on assistance. This is especially so when the specialized equipment used for picture taking is introduced. It can also be required to help some students learn to properly read lesions in the eye for signs of disease. The best online schools provide a mechanism for gaining more structured assistance when it is required.

Students looking for online iridology courses Canada might have to offer should not be disappointed with the results. It is important to find schools that are reputable and recognized by the right organizations. Membership access into the IAoC can be seen as vital to truly launching a career in this diagnostic screening field.

The Usage of Homeopathy Here and Abroad

July 17, 2009

Because most practitioners of Western medicine view homeopathy in a negative light, there are not many homeopaths in the United States and other Western countries. This negative opinion of homeopathy comes from the fact that homeopathic medicine is not scientifically proven to work, nor is it tested thoroughly by the governmental agencies – like the Food and Drug Administration in the United States - that regulate medication in Western countries.

In the United States, for example, homeopathic medicine and treatments are only practiced by about 2% of the population. In Great Britain there is also a very small few who practice homeopathy: again, approximately 2% of the population. However, in countries like India, the numbers are much higher. Because homeopathy makes up a large part of the standard medical practices and traditional medicine in India, approximately 15% of the population uses homeopathic treatments and medicines.

Why Seek Chiropractic Care

July 15, 2009

Don’t you just love talking to your doctor about a multitude of symptoms and innocently asking if they could in anyway be related and getting that blank stare or better yet, the disapproving frown? It’s enough to make even the boldest among us leery of rocking the boat. The truth is not everything has to be treated with medications and surgeries. In some cases those things actually impede the healing process. Naturally you have to have some kind of care to reduce pain and feel better and for many people that is where chiropractic care comes in. Long described as witchcraft and quack doctoring, this innovative approach finally understands the connection of the systems of the body and how they relate to healing. While chiropractic care can’t treat every disease and symptom of the body, it can help with a great number of things. If you are tired of not being listened to, take a look at the world of chiropractics and see if it’s for you.

Unlike many of the other medical disciplines, chiropractic care focuses on the body as a whole. It is a holistic approach to health care for not only what is hurting, but everything else as well. Chiropractors practice on the belief that the whole body must be treated to heal one aspect of it. You will hear advice on exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction as tools to improve your health. This practice also takes factors like heredity and environment as tools to correctly treat illness and pain. Many chiropractors make it a point to suggest diet changes, sleep changes, and specific exercise routines to their patients to promote a better, healthier life.

While the emphasis is on holistic care, chiropractic care isn’t lacking in scientific understanding. On your first visit, your new health care professional will take your family and personal medical history, ask detailed questions about your pain and how you believe it occurred if you know, and perform an exam. He or she may also take X rays for a clearer diagnosis. You may also be asked to perform certain exercises or movements so the chiropractor can get a good idea of how much range of motion has been lost and the degree of the pain you are in.

Deciding to take your own health into your hands and take a more natural approach to health care could be the best thing you ever do for yourself. Chiropractic care has improved the lives of millions of people. If you are at your wits end with doctors and the traditional way of doing things, this could be the answer for you.

If the holistic approach to health care is something you have considered, chiropractic care is worth looking into. This natural, gentle approach has helped countless people continue to live life on their terms and without pain.

Neck Pain Exercises Can Help

July 12, 2009

Neck pain exercises can help many people control their neck pain but before starting any type of neck pain exercises, always talk to your medical practitioner or physiotherapist because they can sometimes make a persons pain worse. Also, if you have a serious underlying condition or other medical problems, seek medical advice first before starting neck exercises. A range of full movement, motion exercises done daily is a good way to stretch your neck muscles, prevent stiffness, and help control the pain in your neck. Regular performance of neck pain exercises may be able to help you regain some loss of neck movement, maintain or increase your necks range of motion, and reduce or control the pain. For people suffering from chronic and debilitating neck pain, simple motion, neck pain exercises may help you tolerate more activity or help your neck mobility but are not always effectual in fighting or reducing neck pain.

To get the maximum results from neck pain exercises, do them on a regular basis a set number of times daily and keep the movements steady and slow. Moving too quickly or jerking when doing your neck pain exercises can cause neck strain and pain instead of reducing them.

Stretching neck pain exercises work well for preserving or restoring motion range. A neck bending exercise starts by holding your head and neck in a neutral position, lowering your chin to try to touch your chest, and holding this position for a few seconds. With each exercise, breathe in slowly and exhale gradually to relax your back and neck muscles. Neck tilting is another of the many good neck pain exercises. Start by tilting your head to the left trying to touch your shoulder with your ear while using your fingertips on your left hand to apply pressure to your temple. After a few seconds of holding this position, return to center and repeat but this time tilting your head left. With neck rotation exercises, slowly turn your head right. Use your fingertips to put tension or pressure on your chin. After a few seconds, return to center and repeat the exercise going to the left this time.

Do not do these neck pain exercises if suffer from a pinched neck nerve unless doctor recommended. Although these exercises can help improve your pinched nerve symptoms, they can also increase the pain and do damage if started too soon after an accident or injury. Along with neck pain exercise, maintain good posture by keeping your shoulders back and holding your head up. Also, avoid putting pressure on your shoulders or upper back such as using an over the shoulder purse or backpack.

Physical Therapy Rolfing Arizona

July 10, 2009

Anyone who is looking for the best physical therapy Rolfing Arizona has to offer needs to seek out skilled professionals. There are many ways to do this. You can go online and insert the words Rolf Practitioners in the search engine and the web addresses will show up for you to click on. You can also contact the Guild for the Rolf Institute and find every practitioner in your state.

Many people think of Rolfing as a type of massage, but it really isn’t. The effects of massage, even deep tissue massage lasts for only about 24 hours, but Rolf therapy is much longer lasting and is cumulative. The more treatments you get the more beneficial it is. Just as physical therapy works to bring the body back into balance to promote mobility and wellness, so does Rolfing. Physical therapy Rolfing Arizona works to bring the body into vertical alignment and in balance with the body’s center of gravity.

If you were to talk with someone about physical therapy Rolfing Arizona, he/she might tell you that the mind and the body live in harmony to one another. The body is controlled by the mind and that with Rolfing the mind and the body are educated to become stabilized and balanced. To find the perfect physical therapy Rolfing Arizona has to offer, find some practitioners in your area and send them an email or call them for an interview. Just like you might interview a new doctor who will be a guide in your health care, you would also want to talk to the practitioner that is going to be restructuring your body through the use of his/her hands.

To find the best physical therapy Rolfing Arizona practitioner, you might want to ask some questions. You might ask how Rolfing techniques vary from deep tissue massage. If you are not familiar with Rolfing, you might ask about the Rolf philosophy. You might ask a little about the history of Rolfing. Finding the best physical therapy Rolfing Arizona practitioner for you will have to be decided by you, so making an informed choice of professional is vitally important.

Manipulation of the body’s connective tissue can be a bit painful, so if you are someone who is very sensitive to pain you may need a practitioner that has a lighter touch. Finding the best physical therapy Rolfing Arizona professional is a matter of talking to people. You can ask a practitioner if you could talk to some of his/her clients. This is anecdotal evidence, but is there anything better than talking to a client to see if he/she is being helped by the Rolf therapy? Word of mouth is the best advertisement. This is a very good way of finding the best physical therapy Rolfing Arizona has to offer.

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