Herbal Cures For Flu, Dysentery, Diarrhoea and Apoplexy.

August 31, 2008

It is likely that you may not have experience in diagnosing and treating the following medical conditions, so if in any doubt do not hesitate to contact a doctor as soon as possible

Influenza: Symptoms - Dull pain, and weight in the forehead, chilliness, sneezing, hoarseness, quick, but small pulse, difficulty in breathing, stitch across the chest, bowels costive, tongue white, urine highly coloured but clear, loss of appetite, nausea, and great debility.

Treatment—If nausea is complained of give a gentle emetic; if costive give a strong tea of Mountain flax; if feverish give a tea of Balm, Burdock, and Centaury or Barley Water with Lemon Juice.

Dysentery.—A disease attended with an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the intestines, with frequent stools, slight cramp, severe gripings, chills, heat, on the skin, and small fever. The stools, though frequent, are small in quantity and sometimes streaked with blood.

Causes.—Sudden changes in the atmospheric gases, and when there is little electric action, which more frequently happen in the wet autumns; from taking putrid food, unripe fruit, drinking tart beer, and taking indigestible food.

Treatment.—Where vomiting attends the disease give a gentle emetic, and work it off by Camomile Tea; get a full discharge of the intestines, then give a tea of Oak Bark, Burdock Seeds, and Raspberry Leaves, and if this succeed in staying the disease, administer Raspberry Leaves tea with a little Ginger and sweetened warm water till the bowels are checked.All the time the invalid must be kept warm. One of the best medicines for this disease, as an astringent, is Extract of Logwood, 1 drachm; Chalk mixture, 4 ounces; Tincture of Catechu, 2 drachms; Spirit of Nutmeg, 1 ounce.
Dose.—Two tablespoonfuls every four hours. Take light food and moderate exercise, and avoid malt liquors.

Looseness of the Bowels or diarrhoea.
Symptoms: Much the same as dysentery, only the stools are not bloody, neither is there any fever. The discharge is generally attended with a murmuring noise in the bowels. Digestion and stomach are affected.

The discharges are not bilious, which distinguishes them from the cholera morbus. It is a disease generally understood.

Treatment.—Remove the morbid cause; then give a strong tea of Raspberry Leaves and Oak Bark, well sweetened. When the disease has arisen from excess taken in the stomach, give a gentle emetic in the evening, and an aperient of Flaxweed Tea in the morning. If attending dentition, it should not be checked.

Apoplexy.— Causes: Mental excitement, full epicurean living, luxurious idleness; the too frequent use of strong liquors, opium, tobacco; intoxication; a full meal; violent exercise; much exertion of the organs of respiration, as in coughing, vomiting, laughing, long and loud speaking; extreme anger; suppressions of evacuations; exposure to the heat of the sun or overheated bed-chambers; stooping much or long, tying anything tight about the neck.

Treatment.—If caused from an overloaded stomach, give an emetic, but in other cases vomits will be detrimental. Put the feet in warm water and rub the legs briskly; give Tinctures of Capsicum and Jalap of equal parts. If this cannot be done give an injection of Senna and Raspberry Leaves ½ ounce, ½ teaspoonful of Capsicum, and as much Lobelia in a pint of water. After convalescence give a decoction of Horseradish, Gentian, Calumba, and Capsicum. Tonics are very necessary.

Arthritis Sufferers Want More Alternative Medicine

August 27, 2008

If you are an arthritis sufferer, you have probably had more than your share of expensive doctor visits, prescription drugs and their many harmful and even dangerous side effects. And even after all of this trouble and expense, you still have pain. So many people have tried to carry on There has to be a better way! And there is. Studies have found that nothing helps arthritis more than alternative medicine.

People of all ages suffer from arthritis. Despite the stereotype of the little old arthritic man hobbling down the street with his cane, even small children can develop this painful malady. More arthritis sufferers use alternative medicine on a daily basis along with lifestyle changes. One such change is a special diet that eliminates foods known to aggravate the condition while adding in those foods that help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Proper diet is a viable option for pain control that few people take advantage of. Arthritis sufferers should eat more natural foods as a form of alternative medicine, and eliminate foods that aggravate pain and swelling such as dairy products, beef, eggs, nuts and grains.

There are food based herbal remedies that arthritis sufferers should make more use of as alternative medicine. Some of the more popular ones are –

• Ginger – An anti-inflammatory.
• Cayenne – Used as a topical rub or in capsule form to ease pain.
• Devil’s Claw – An analgesic pain reliever.
• Horsetail – strengthens joint tissue and facilitates free movement.
• Yucca – Known as a pain reliever for centuries

Arthritis flare ups can benefit from more alternative medicine food choices such as –

• Cherries
• Blueberries
• Celery juice
• Celery seed
• Pineapple
• Rosemary

These foods strengthen and add collagen to the bones and joints, making them more flexible, and are anti-inflammatory as well.

Herbs that fight the pain of arthritis include –

• Alfalfa
• Feverfew
• Ginseng
• Yarrow
• Burdock
• Dandelion
• Garlic

All the above herbs are quite good made into herbal teas. Yes, even the garlic! It is delicious as a tea with milk and honey. Try a cup of tea instead of a pain pill, and sip thoughtfully as your pain begins to back off a degree or two.

Don’t pay attention to the taunts of others who make kiddingly tell you that you have turned into a health food nut! Once you have tried the above remedies and see what a difference they can make in your pain, you will be laughing right along with them… laughing with joy that your pain has disappeared. Plus, the addition of these foods, along with a good whole foods diet that leaves out certain foods will help you to lose weight easily if you need to. Excess weight puts a lot of pressure on the joints, which can aggravate arthritis.

Foods that can trigger the pain of arthritis include –

• Tomatoes
• Eggplant
• Green peppers
• Potatoes (white)

Natural Gemstones Origin of Healing Lore and History

August 25, 2008

Finding the Natural Gemstones Origin of Healing Lore and History

Certain stories told about natural gemstones can help us understand why some people believe that these natural semi precious and precious stones are said to contain certain healing powers. The natural gemstones origin of healing lore and history is something that people find very fascinating, and whether or not these stones have the powers to heal, the stories that tell of their old uses for healing seem to state that they do have such healing powers.

Stories about the natural gemstones origin of healing lore and history usually come from countries down south and in the east. Most of the natural gemstones origin of healing lore and history are from gemstone rich regions like South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. These places are also culturally rich places and most of the civilizations there have histories that run as far back as a few thousand years. The natural gemstones origin of healing lore and history does not come from only one general area, but it comes from many different places, and each story has an interpretation of the healing powers of gemstones that can attest to the veracity of these powers.

Some of the gemstones that a person can learn about in the many areas that believe in these healing powers include the semi precious moonstone, hematite, tourmaline, as well as the more precious opal, emerald and diamond. The natural gemstones origin of healing lore and history that has information about these stones in its archives does not belong to only one country or region, although there are a lot of stones that are more abundant in one specific region. The healing powers of these gemstones may differ from one story to another and from one region to another, but they all state one general idea. All these stones have inherent healing powers that human beings have been using in the past, which they can benefit from in these modern times.

The natural gemstones origin of healing lore and history often points to ancient civilizations like the Aztecs and the Indians. These ancient cultures, some of which no longer exist, have stories written in stone or in old books that seem to reveal that these gemstones have healing powers. According to old texts, examples of such gemstones that can heal physical as well as mental and emotional diseases are diamonds which can ward off evil and madness, and black tourmaline which can keep negative energies and black magic at bay.

Whether or not these stories are true, we do know that the natural gemstones origin of healing lore and history does not come from one single source, and it certainly does not follow one particular path of belief.

Autism and Diet: Fact or Fiction?

August 24, 2008

For years there has been research into finding cures for autism. In today’s society, autism has reached a new high with increasing diagnoses throughout the world. Because of this, special attention is now being focused on finding a cure as well as relieving some of the symptoms of autism. One of the ideas that have been popular in recent years is the idea that a special autism diet will have a significant effect on those diagnosed with the disease. Does an autism diet actually work, though? This subject has been the topic of much debate and we are just now getting more information on the facts and fallacies of such claims.

The fact of the matter is, there have been reported individual cases of improvement when altering the diet of someone with autism. However, widespread success rates and the odds of it being successful on a large scale are debatable. The primary premise of an autism diet is to cut out gluten and dairy. The reason for this is based on characteristics of ingredients found in dairy and gluten products that contain properties reported to act like an opiate. This may exacerbate any autistic symptoms that may be present. Cutting out these ingredients may help improve the functionality of someone with autism. This is a fascinating theory and one that holds promise as a possible treatment. However, the facts do not support this as much more than a possible way to fix individual issues on a small scale in some patients.

First, the way the opiate properties are absorbed in autistic patients is via permeable intestines, an ailment more commonly found in autistics. Although it is commonly found in autistics, not everyone who has autism has permeable intestines. In fact only twenty percent do. As far as statistics go, this is much higher than most segments of the population but is by no means a majority of autistic patients. If this is the case, gluten and dairy should have no ill effect and no change in diet will affect the symptoms. The reverse is also true. People around the world eat diets high in dairy and gluten with no ill effects. Some of them are not diagnosed with autism yet do have permeable intestines. No abnormalities are seen in them; therefore, the theory does not seem to be sound as a whole.

So what about the reported incidents of improvement when diet is changed? There is no doubt that this has occurred in some instances. Medical professionals tend to agree the reason for this is an added comfort level on the part of an autistic patient who also has gastrointestinal problems. If you relieve one of the accompanying symptoms of the core disease, the autistic patient may be more comfortable, better able to focus and more amenable to learning and absorbing coping techniques. This will lend to improvement in the overall behavior and ability to function within society. However, no concrete evidence shows that changing diet will affect all autistics in a positive manner in the least.

Because of this, most medical professionals advise a change in diet only for those who have gastrointestinal issues and only on a temporary basis to see if improvement is reached. If there is improvement, continue with the dietary changes of eliminating gluten and dairy from the diet. However, if no change is seen or if the patient has no gastrointestinal problems, it is advisable not to alter the diet in any way. A gluten and dairy free diet is difficult and stressful to sustain and there is no need to go to such extremes if there will be no positive benefits from it.

Natural Healing Books

August 21, 2008

The Sudden Increase in the Demand for Natural Healing Books

Have you ever wondered why there is a sudden rise in the number of natural healing books that teach you the wonders of herbalism, naturalism, Ayurveda and other ways of natural healing? This increase in the releases and sales of natural healing books is probably due to the rise in interest for the organic way of life. People now believe that doing things the natural way is healthier and more beneficial to a person’s physical and mental well-being, and that the next step to living natural is to heal the natural way.

Natural healing books are essentially books that tell how herbal and natural remedies can take the place of modern medicine and conventional healing therapies that we get from doctors and other medical professionals. Included in these natural healing books are lists of herbs that you can use to treat certain common ailments, like hives, coughs, colds, stomachaches, and even cuts and burns. These books are often written by people who believe in the natural way of life, and they are usually practitioners of some forms of naturalism or herbalism, like Yoga and Ayurveda.

The popularity of natural healing books may also be the result of the testimonials given by celebrities about the natural ways of healing and living. Popular singers, actresses and actors who have embraced the natural way of life and the natural way of healing will often talk about how well they are doing after they have shifted to this alternative form of medicine. This kind of free advertising is one of the things that have given natural healing books a boost in sales, and whether or not these are the practices that actors, actresses or singers follow, people will still flock to bookstores and online book sellers to buy the latest natural healing books on sale.

The fact is most natural healing books have remedies that work, and you can benefit from the remedies and tips offered in these books to maintain a healthy life. The use of natural ingredients in certain home made remedies is actually a better way to solve health problems, because many people suffer from the side effects that come with synthetic medicines. Also, herbs as well as other forms of natural healing can actually help with the detoxification of the body. Since the advent of processed foods, the use of additives in food has been cited as one of the main reasons why the general health of modern people is deteriorating. A more natural approach to healing and living can help people flush out the toxins that are found in processed foods, and this will certainly make them healthier.

Alternative Medicines

August 19, 2008

Today there is a much higher focus on using holistic remedies to treat various medical issues. This is due to the increasing awareness of the general public of negative side effects caused by synthetic drugs. While in some cases synthetic and chemically based drugs may be necessary, it is often advisable to look toward alternative treatments first in order to affect positive results in a natural manner. In order to do this, though, alternative medicine resources must be found. Alternative medicine resources include both educational materials as well as actual treatment products. Because of the increased awareness of holistic remedies, alternative medicine resources are much more readily available today.

Alternative medicine resources are found in the form of educational materials. These can be articles, websites, books, cookbooks, herbal guides and brochures among others. Today, these alternative medicine resources can be found in many places. It is important to use these tools in order to educate yourself about the various benefits of using holistic medicine in general. It is also beneficial to avail yourself of these alternative medicine resources in order to learn about specific treatments for your actual issue.

Libraries are a great place to find alternative medicine resources and it costs nothing but some time to research. Check out your local community or school library for alternative medicine resources. Bookstores have a wealth of information and this is a great place to purchase books on alternative medicine resources, especially general ones that can be used as guides for multiple problems. Health and fitness magazines can offer some wonderful articles pertaining to benefits of herbal remedies as well as giving specifics on particular ailments or enhancements to your body. Health food stores and fitness centers often have brochures available also giving tips on particular vitamins, minerals, oils and herbs. Using these alternative medicine resources will allow you to become better informed as to what treatments are available to you.

When considering alternative medicine resources do not forget to ask your medical professional also. While traditional physicians often use synthetic drugs and chemically based medications, many more are also researching benefits of holistic remedies and are much more open to this possibility. Even if not, there are herbalists and holistic healers available for consultation. Using as many of the alternative medicine resources available as possible will help you determine the best course of action for you.

Of course, no alternative medicine resources would be complete without knowing exactly where to find these treatments. When looking for alternative medicine resources in the form of the actual product, there are various places to look. Alternative medicine resources are readily available in health food stores as well as diet and nutrition centers. You can find vitamins, herbs, supplements and oils in these retail locations. Other alternative medicine resources can be found in your local grocery store as many now have an herbal section or aisle. Finally, alternative medicine resources can be found in abundance online. This is an inexpensive and convenient way to seek out and purchase all your alternative medicine resources that you need.

Aromatherapy Candles for Relaxation

August 17, 2008

Candles, once only used for generating a source of light, have been used to create a certain ambiance for years –be it for romantic or for relaxation purposes, and have become increasingly popular in latter years. Aromatherapy candles have been specifically scented with essential oils and they naturally bring a sense of harmony into any environment. Candles can set a mood so perfectly, whether warm and welcoming is the desired effect or whether for tranquility and they are so easy to obtain. Aromatherapy candles can be ordered through the internet, but many candles can be found in retail outlets across the country.

Traditionally, candle designs were plain and simple and unscented. Nowadays candles come in a variety of designs and scents and these can be used to create any mood required.

Lavender aromatherapy candles can be quite soothing especially if burned in the evening as a prelude to a good nights sleep, if the candle is meant as a gift, be careful as the scent is not always popular with everyone however, so as much as it may lift someone’s mood or be conducive to relaxation and help to instill a sense of peace and tranquility, it can cause agitation in some, especially the elderly who may suffer with a form of dementia.

For family groups or large groups where there might be some animosity, it can be useful to burn a lavender aromatherapy candle, as it can help to prevent negative tensions from building.

Mixed aromatherapy candles may not always be a good idea, as the aromas may conflict with each other and the expected mood may not occur. Candles should not be left unattended either for safety purposes, accidents do happen. Typically the candle should be burned for one hour for every inch of its diameter so that it burns evenly.

Be careful of where you position the candle also, otherwise the carefully created tranquil atmosphere will disappear dramatically if the candle is knocked over or left in a draft and a fire starts.

To add to the relaxed ambiance, those who feel particularly creative can go one step further and create their own candles. Added to the feeling of relaxation is one of satisfaction at seeing your own creation. There are many kits for those who have little knowledge and also different moulds available in the market place for those who are feeling a little more inspired and who would like to create their candles in a variety of shapes or sizes. Once the candle has been created, adding the scent of your choice makes the whole process much more personal and is a good finishing touch.

Choose a pure essential oil and add to the candle at the final stage. The effects will be one of pure satisfaction as you sit and watch the flickering flame devour your own creation and breathe in the heady aroma of your own aromatherapy candle.

Light Therapy Box

August 15, 2008

Effective Treatments with the Light Therapy Box

Light therapy box treatments are used for many things today, not just seasonal affective disorder (SAD)–pregnancy, winter depression, PMS, chronic fatigue, acne, bipolar disorders, sleep disorders, mood disorders, and atopic dermatitis–all beginning with recent studies showing that about 80% of SAD sufferers have high treatment success. Yet research on the light therapy box is still in its infancy stage, with light therapy not 100% accepted by the professional medical field at this time.

Quite a bit has been found out lately about bright light treatments and light therapy research, with the use of the light therapy box a major part in it. The key is the intensity of the light, called the lux, with light therapy box intensity ratings given at a specific distance from the unit as light diminishes with distance. A minimum of 2,500-lux is required for the light therapy box to be effective, but researchers and doctors recommend that a 10,000-lux be used as it is much more powerful, and is considered significantly higher than any standard indoor lighting.

Natural sunlight levels are unpredictable because of the every-changing weather patterns, where a person lives, and the time of year it is. Only on a very bright sunny day can natural sunlight match the 10,000-lux of the light therapy box for their successful treatments. But normally, not every day is sunny and bright on a routine basis, so other options are needed.

To fulfill that need, a variety of the light therapy box products are available to match each person’s individual needs. The best light therapy boxes are metal fixtures that contain white fluorescent light bulbs behind a diffuser. The diffuse is important as it provides two purposes: it helps to spread the light evenly over the unit surface, and it absorbs and filters out harmful UV rays.

The light therapy box also needs to be able to be titled slight forward, which allows flexibility of the unit to allow light to be entered into the eye areas of the individual. This tilting also decreases the brightness of the light, creating less glare and helping the individual to be more comfortable during the treatment.  Full spectrum lighting needs to have UV rays filtered out for both eye and skin–even though a critical part of the light therapy box is its intensity–with both UV-A and UV-B rays filtered out, producing less glare and more comfort to the individual.

For those who have side effects, even though they are very small and mild, moving away a few inches from the light source and then gradually over a period from two days to two weeks, move back toward the light in increments until the full dose of 10,000-lux is being received. Another method is to reduce the treatment time to 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes per day, gradually moving that time back up a few minutes a day until the desired time exposure is met.

Foot Reflexology

August 12, 2008

Foot Reflexology: Not Just Your Basic Massage

Foot reflexology dates back to over 5000 years starting from the east and slowly traveling to the west where it made its debut in Russia. The ancients were aware of the importance of good foot care, evidence shows in hieroglyphics on the tomb of Ankhmahor, the chief overseer and possible physician to the great Pharoahs where foot diagrams reflecting modern day foot reflexology points are mapped out. We can see similar diagrams of the Hindu god Vishnu feet where Sanskrit symbols are precisely located in modern day foot reflexology zones.

Modern day foot reflexology is often accredited to work of Dr. William Fitzgerald and associates at the Riley School of Chiropractic in Washington, in 1913. Doctors Fitzgerald, Bowen and Starr White wrote about their work in this new field of foot massage. They discovered how certain areas or zones in the foot corresponded with various body organs. Dr. Fitzgerald founded zone therapy and is accredited with producing the first foot reflexology charts.

The foot reflexology technique is designed to massage the foot and help you relax as well as stimulate other parts of the body. But it is much more than just a foot massage as this approach to holistic medicine does not only concentrate upon the foot but reflexologists concentrate on the person as a whole. The reflexologist will work with people, find out the different health issues facing them, empathize, support and attempt to therapeutically correct the body imbalance caused by years of stress and strain upon various organs and systems. Reflexologists work with body and soul and claim to touch upon the areas upon which “modern medicine” so often neglects.

Advanced foot reflexology goes beyond foot massage; it incorporates the mind, body and soul. Reflexologists maintain that by doing a foot reading they can ascertain a person’s life style and general wellbeing, they profess that, “The mental, physical and psychological history of the person is spelled out with such accuracy.” Sometimes a person comes to a reflexologist with simply the mention that, “I do not feel well” and the reflexologist begins to analyze the foot to see where the body imbalance originates. Some common indicators of stress within the body can be found by detecting, calluses, bunions, corns and knobby toes, other indications include an unusual tenderness experienced when touching the feet. At this point, the reflexologist will target the stress areas and corresponding organs within the body.

Besides going to a reflexologist, you can obtain information on the web, through your library or bookstore as well. Several excellent books are on the market, one that is highly recommended is The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology by Barbara Kunz, an expert in the area of reflexology. This book is easily found on amazon.com.

Always remember that if the body is experiencing an imbalance through foot reflexology this imbalance can be reversed or corrected for most common ailments. A serious note of caution, foot reflexology is to be used in conjunction with standard medical practice and should never be considered as an application that can be used alone especially if one is suffering from major medical conditions.

Reiki Training

August 10, 2008

Reiki Training – What Does It Involve?
Reiki training is fairly straight forward, and is usually done in four steps – or depending on the Master teaching it, perhaps three steps. Level One Reiki training is focused on self-healing and helping others. This reiki training usually takes anywhere from one to four days before students are able to practice reiki and do self-healing.

At level one of reiki training, students learn the history of Reiki, the energy system, the nature of the reiki energy, ethics, the five principles of reiki, the three pillars of reiki, the hand positions, how to do a self-healing session and how to do a session for others. As you can see, this is fairly comprehensive Level One Reiki training.

If you will to take your reiki training to the next level, then you will be working at Level Two. The focus of this level is to learn the Japanese healing symbols and on sending Reiki from a distance. By the way, you do NOT under any circumstances do a distance healing without permission first. The ONLY time there may be an exception to this stricture is if the person is unconscious or has dementia.

In that instance, you seek permission of their higher self/spirit, and you ask three times. If you can’t get a clear answer, then try sending distance treatment. If it flows, then you have been given permission. If it does not, and you will know that because the energy won’t “go” anywhere, then you cease sending.

For Level Two reiki training, it’s a good idea to wait for at least three weeks to make sure level one is properly ingrained into the student. Of course this depends on the student and their abilities. Along with the above teachings, there will, or should be, a good in-depth discussion on getting rid of unwanted habits, empowering your own personal goals and making permanent changes in your life. The Japanese healing symbols and techniques are then introduced into your reiki training and you practice sending distance treatments (usually to other students who have given permission for a distance treatment).

Your Level Three A training is usually the Master Practitioner or advanced practitioner. The master symbol is given at this level of reiki training, but you are not taught how to attune others or teach reiki.

The next level if your course is taught in four steps is the Level Three Master/Teacher. The focus here would be on attuning others to reiki energy and on teaching reiki to others. In some cases an essay is requested of the student outlining why they wish to become a reiki master/teacher. The essay is discussed in great detail, as this is a solemn undertaking and one of much responsibility. The benefits of living a spirit-based life are talked about as well. The master symbol is introduced and practiced.

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